Naughty Cats and Christmas Trees

Video evidence to the contrary, I refuse to believe that you can’t have both cats and a Christmas tree. None of my cats have ever attempted to climb our Christmas tree; and with the exception of my mother’s little wooden soldiers, our cats don’t try to eat the ornaments.

I don’t know, maybe there’s something about those artificial trees… Our cats dearly love to sleep under the Christmas tree. I’ll bet the aroma relaxes them.

P.S.–Not that it matters, but I do wonder what it takes to get a bunch of “likes” on one’s blog. Suggestions, anyone?

One comment on “Naughty Cats and Christmas Trees”

  1. I haven’t a clue. When my late husband and I had our blog, we had some likes, some responses, some from foreign countries, etc. but I never did much on the blog. He took care of it, and I just submitted my articles.

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