Democrat Tantrum Goes Global

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I hope everyone’s taking a good, hard look at the Democrats’ post-election tantrum, which has now gone international in scope.

Secretary of State John “Blood ‘n’ Guts” Kerry, who earned three Purple Hearts without ever having spent as much as 15 minutes in a military infirmary, has recently made a farewell speech in which he restated America’s brand-new post-election policy of sticking it to Israel ( ). The Israelis called it a “pathetic” attempt to “chain” the incoming Trump administration to an ongoing feud with one of our few solid allies in the world.

Well, I don’t think Donald Trump is chained that easily, and certainly not by the likes of a John Kerry; but it’s the thought that counts.

These people, from Obama on down, have made it clear that they will never accept the results of this year’s presidential election, and are resolved to do everything in their power to hinder and embarrass the new president.

So watch them closely. These are the persons we permitted to lord it over us for eight years.

We must see to it that they never, ever, govern us again. Not ever.

9 comments on “Democrat Tantrum Goes Global

  1. It is alleged, by the Egyptians, that this UN resolution was actively promoted by the Obama administration. Keep in mind Genesis 12:3
    “And I will bless those who bless you,
    And the one who curses you I will curse.
    And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

    I would not want to be found standing in opposition to Israel.

    1. This from the geniuses who said the “Arab Spring” was their brilliant idea… and it just worked out great, didn’t it?

      Nothing good can ever happen with Democrats in charge of things.

  2. That is for sure, and with this latest mad move, It is time to recall the words of the Lord, saying “…if you divide MY land, I will divide your land.” Each time one of our officials has tried to do this, a disaster fell on us very soon afterward.

    1. I think you’re onto something, Erlene. The track record for those that have opposed Israel is not so good. I don’t believe that one man can condemn an entire country, especially in view of the fact that not everyone here supports his actions. Nonetheless, I would not be surprised to see some negative consequences for this.

      It won’t stand, in the long run, but reversing a UN resolution is much more difficult than vetoing one. The US can veto anything, but the US can’t force a majority of countries to vote for a counter-resolution that they sponsor. Obama pulled a fast one here, and I’m not even slightly surprised by it. Lame ducks have nothing to lose.

      I don’t expect that Trump will act in support of this, but he may be reduced to the role of bystander with regard to this matter. I see a perfect setup for Gog of Magog, with Russia involved in Syria, the Turks speaking in grandiose terms, Iran striving for WMDs and the US unable to,stop any of this. If this is Gog of Magog . . . well, we know how that turns out.

    2. I think a more likely result is the US either cutting the UN’s funds, big-time, and forcing them to reverse their stupid resolution, or else even quitting the UN altogether, which would cause it quickly to collapse.

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