An Animal You May Have Never Heard Of: The Potto

Mr. Nature here again–to whisk you off to the Cincinnati Zoo to meet any animal that most of you, probably, have never heard of: the potto.

The potto comes from Central Africa. It may remind you of a sloth, but it’s actually a primate, related to apes and monkeys. I can’t think of many things that would be more pleasant than to hold one of these babies in your arms.

Anyhow, we thought we’d give you this to start off the morning, rather than any of the “hard news”–hard news for hard hearts–of Democrats making as much trouble as they can before leaving office next month, purposely leaving messes that will have to be cleaned up.

To think that we ever allowed ourselves to be ruled by such people…

3 comments on “An Animal You May Have Never Heard Of: The Potto

    1. That robosexual thing started as a gag on Futurama. Now it’s actually come to life. Sheeesh!

      The Potto is adorable. Just another product of the very fertile imagination of our Creator.

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