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My Newswithviews Column, March 29 (‘Watch Canada, Because We’re Next’)

A lot of really bad stuff starts in Canada and Britain and is then imported here. So we should watch those countries closely.

The eagerness with which leftids attack their own country is truly frightening.


‘UK Scientists Claim They Can Use Magnets to Erase Belief in God’

Yes, Science is always working for our betterment! And what could be better for us than to be wired up to some kind of machine that will turn us into liberals? Like so–


Have you noticed that some people get really, really mad if you speak disrespectfully of Science, and don’t acknowledge it as The Supreme Authority on Everything?

Canadian Government Website Tries to Freak Out Children

See the source image

Hey, you can’t blame me for this! This is an official Canadian government website announcing that “Santa is moving to the South Pole” because of Climbit Change melting the North Pole (http://www.horizons.gc.ca/en/content/santa-is-moving-to-the-south-pole).

The site is called “Weak Signals,” because it’s supposed to scan the environment to detect “weak signals of possible change.” I think it also denotes a very, very weak commitment to the truth.

Santa Claus, says the Canadian government, has signed “an agreement with the international community”–whatever that is–that will help “relocate individuals and corporations facing the impacts of climate change.”

They want world government so bad, they can taste it. A world government run by themselves. And if they think it might be helpful to scare the kiddies with visions of Santa and his elves drowning as the ice suddenly gives way–well, they’re immoral enough to do that.

See, if they can seal the deal on Climbit Change, they win all the marbles. Once you establish that everything you do is to Save The Planet, you can do anything you please. Sort of like the way ordinary liberties get suspended or trampled on in wartime, when the state doesn’t have time for all the niceties. It used to worry Winston Churchill that World War II might go on long enough for the government to grow addicted to “wartime measures.” As it was, rationing in Britain went on for years after the war was over: the government just couldn’t give it up.

Don’t let “the international community,” whoever the blazes they are, get a hammerlock on Lady Liberty: because they won’t let go.

Even the UN Pans Paris Climbit Pact

Image result for images of phony global warming

Remember the Paris Climate Treaty, and how the whole world’s gonna die because President Trump took the US out of it after President *Batteries Not Included tried to suck us into it without ratification by the Senate? Yeah, that Paris Climbit Pact.

Well, now even the UN says that treaty wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. Not because it was sheer baloney, start to finish, but because it “doesn’t do nearly enough” to save “hundreds of millions of people from a miserable future” (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/11/01/delingpole-trump-vindicated-now-even-the-un-confirms-that-the-paris-climate-accord-was-a-complete-waste-of-space/). All it did, sorta, was to let China and India pollute till the cows come home while concentrating on hog-tying America’s economy. But that’s leftids for you. They can’t catch up, so they always try to pull you down.

I wonder what “miserable future” they’ve got in mind. What could be a more miserable future than being governed by know-it-all liberals? They’ll turn your whole country into one great big Detroit, if given half a chance.

But for the UN to be going thumbs-down on a Global Warming treaty… It must’ve been appalling. It’s like the New York Times dissing a Democrat: just isn’t done! Who can even imagine it?

But one thing the Paris Climate Treaty would’ve done to a tee was waste untold billions of dollars and make thieving, lying, fat-headed globalist politicians even more powerful than they are already.

Liberal heaven is hell; and don’t wait till you’re in it to find out.

‘Diversity’ Kills

Image result for images of michael moore we are all muslim

The bloodthirsty loon who killed eight people in New York City yesterday, by running them over with a pickup truck, was able to do so because of an insane government program called… The Diversity Visa Lottery! (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/11/01/nyc-terror-attack-suspect-sayfullo-saipov-entered-us-through-diversity-visa-program.html)

Ain’t that great? Because “diversity” is an end in itself–especially the kind of “diversity” that only exists because idiots in high places go far out of their way to create it–we had this lottery for people from countries with few immigrants to the USA. This waste of space was from the Islamic paradise of Uzbekistan. He won the lottery! And America lost.

Liberals in government are extremely dangerous to the people they pretend to govern. Eight innocent people are dead because of this dozy lottery scheme. And we have one Muslim terrorist recovering nicely in the hospital, after getting winged by a police bullet, and bragging about what he’s done for good ol’ Islam.

Liberalism has turned the great cities of the Western world into an ISIS shooting gallery.

And if you voted for any of those “citizen of the world” morons running the show, you can take a portion of the blame.

Who’s in Charge of This?

Image result for images of professor moriarty

Professor James Moriarty

For Agatha Christie, it was the Big Four; for Sax Roehmer, Dr. Fu Manchu; and for Arthur Conan Doyle, Professor James Moriarty, dubbed by Sherlock Holmes “the Napoleon of Crime.” These authors, and others, could not help wondering whether the evil events of their age were being orchestrated by a single conductor.

I think most of you in this audience know who that conductor is.

Where they went wrong, I think, was in attributing all the effects of evil to a single mortal cause–one man, or one organization. But what if it was many individuals, and many organizations large and small, not necessarily working consciously together, but performing similar actions motivated by similar objectives and compatible ideologies?

For instance: can anyone doubt that there are tens of millions of dollars flowing into Australia from all over the world, to support the campaign for a “Yes” vote on same-sex pseudomarriage? It doesn’t all have to come from the same source. Organized Sodomy has movers and donors all over Europe and America. Of course they’re going to want to branch out to Australia.

I am coming to believe that, by the inspiration of Satan, there is a conscious, purposeful, directed campaign for evil in this world today, whose goal is to erase Christianity and to destroy the family, leaving no effective barrier between the individual and the all-devouring state. I believe that all this stuff that we’re seeing in this century–the transgender movement, Antifa, Occupy, the universities’ expressed hatred of white people, the activities of the Democrat Party and their GOP minions in Congress, militant atheism and all the rest of it–is all part of a concerted effort ultimately tracing back to… well, Satan. Because that’s where it all comes from, in the end.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places…    —St. Paul (Ephesians 6:12)

Too Dirty for Adults, but Fine for Kids?

Image result for images of censored sex education

As Australia nears a vote on whether to impose same-sex pseudomarriage on herself, the Australian media are working overtime to keep the “No” vote’s message from the people.

So another “No” ad has been banned from Aussie TV, only allowed to be shown late at night. Why? Because the content is so, well, provoking. And “explicit.”

And where does the content come from?

Word for word from the “Safe Schools”–never trust liberals saying anything is “safe”–sexuality education program (http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/no-campaigns-tv-ad-deemed-too-explicit-banned-from-airing-until-late-at-night/news-story/584eb7c6918b91603b927b214dec6895). For instance, this: “It’s a total lie–” really?–” that all boys have ****s and all girls have vaginas.”

Adults aren’t allowed to hear that until after their bedtimes; but kids hear it every day in school, whether they want to or not.

When I substituted in a public high school some years ago, the only class I was never called upon to teach was “sex education.” If that teacher was absent, one of the vice principals had to baby-sit the class: no outsiders allowed. The textbooks were not allowed to leave the classroom. That was to keep parents from seeing what their kids were being taught.

Believe me, Australia: if you vote “Yes” for this abomination, you’ll be very, very sorry. And it’ll be way too late for sorry.

Now They Vandalize Churches

Image result for images of crucify no voters

Looking to find some middle ground with the “gay marriage” crowd? You might as well search for the Fountain of Youth.

This is Waverly Baptist Church in Wheelers Hill, Australia, vandalized in the night by advocates of “love is love,” etc. I don’t think the message is just an idle thought.

This is, when you get down to business, a religious war. Are we to worship God and obey His word–or worship an idol we have created with our own hands, and be ruled by it? For “gay rights” and all the rest of it is an idol, man-made, a cover for sinful man exalting himself as righteous god.

In a couple of weeks we’ll see whether the voters of Australia can summon up enough decency to preserve marriage in the form in which God ordained it, or will allow themselves to be bullied and hornswoggled into giving it up.

If it was America, of course, pseudomarriage would be soundly voted down by the people and then imposed on them by a couple of judges.

Meanwhile, Back in Australia…

Image result for images of opposed to gay marriage

Well, as far as my book goes, I’m dead in the water until the IT guy can come and hopefully rescue my chapters.

Meanwhile, the nooze media in Australia show they’re as far out on the Left as our own noozies in America.

Next month they’re going to vote in Australia on whether to impose “gay marriage” on themselves–and guess which side the impartial journalists are on, big-time. The Yes Vote looked like it had clear sailing, but got carried away with the usual leftid name-calling, threats, and bullying, and put a lot of people off, enabling the No Vote to make up lost ground.

An ad produced by three “mums” opposed to the whole enterprise quite reasonably argued, “Our kids are not your social experiment”–referring, of course, to the radically pro-homosexual “sex education” that will be the rule in every school, once same-sex pseudomarriage comes in. This has happened here, in Britain, in Canada, and in several other countries.

But the noozies report it as “a bizarre new video” by the No Mums “stating their case against marriage equality” (http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/our-kids-are-not-your-social-experiment-the-no-vote-mums-are-back/news-story/01d756c68b08e149b27110056bdcd69c)–loaded language, and how! Well, this is what happens when leftids get to define the terms of the discussion. “Marriage equality”–that label stinks. And of course ordinary family life would seem “bizarre” to any leftid noozies, who can only think in terms of abortion, homosexuality, and “gender reassignment.” For them, that’s the normal stuff. To them, regular people are “bizarre.”

No Western country yet has been able to defeat the cultural Marxist “gay rights” Trojan horse. They’ve all permitted it to be wheeled through the gates.

Join Poland in prayer, everyone.

We need it.

Update, Australia: A Very Convoluted Double Standard

Image result for images of australia gay marriage violence

Australia’s going to vote on whether to poison itself with “gay marriage,” and, as always seems to happen, the power elite have hopped aboard the Sodomy Express and are now doing everything in their power to make sure the vote goes “Yes.”

Again, as always happens, the “Yes” side musters a powerful argument consisting of abuse, threats, name-calling, and sometimes violence: very powerful rhetorical tools.

So when the “No” side made an ad featuring some of the dirt the Yessies have been throwing at them, that ad was banned from Australian TV…”due to its contents”! (http://www.skynews.com.au/news/top-stories/2017/09/30/-no–ad-banned-from-afl-air-time.html)

Let’s see if we can unpack this, um, reasoning. It’s okay for the Yessies to spout abuse and threats–like, it’s for a good cause? is that it?–but it would be hateful or something to let the public see and hear what the Yessies are doing. Calling someone a “homophobic maggot” and saying “I hope someone kicks your teeth in” is just fine, but reporting such comments is like, y’know, beyond the pale.

I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.

The fun will really start when they have to decide who gets to rule the rubble that used to be Western civilization: radical Islam, Organized Sodomy, or the sleazy leftid politicians who used the other two to get themselves more power. My money’s on the jihadis to pitch their competitors off the roots of tall buildings.

Unless the Lord Our God first intervenes.

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