When Your Cat Really Digs You

Want to feel special? Your cat can give you that feeling.

My cat, Buster, who looked very like the cat in this video, used to jump up on the table, grab my forearm, and nestle his head against my hand, all the while purring like mad.

It’s good to be loved!

2 comments on “When Your Cat Really Digs You

  1. I love it. My cat used to jump on my lap, lie down on his back against my arm like a baby, purr and softly place one paw on the side of my face,
    sometimes softly meowing, saying I love you.

    1. Isn’t it amazing how affectionate these fascinating creatures can be? While watching this, I was getting the full treatment from my little cat, purring, cuddling, touching my face. Cats earn their keep.

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