Little Kiddies’ ‘Racism’ up 33% in Britain, Government Says

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Who wreaks more havoc on a society–government bureaucrats, or school teachers? Well, we can’t answer that; but boy, oh, boy, when they get together, it’s poison!

So, British schools report that the number of five to 11-year-olds kicked out of school for “racism” is up 33% throughout the UK ( ). Horrors! These myriad “racist incidents” must be reported to police, who have nothing better to do than to than to “investigate” whether a seven-year-old child committed a “hate crime” when he asked another child if he was from Africa. “Blimey, never mind no armed robbery! I got no time for no armed robbery! We’ve just nicked this five-year-old for racism, and we’ll sweat a confession outta him if it’s the last thing we do!”

Now, it’s not that “racism” is actually more common than it was, the Dept. for Education makes clear. It’s just that “teachers” have become “more vigilant” in reporting “racist incidents.”

Couldn’t you just weep for Britain? But save some tears for America. We have our share of wacko “teachers” and bone-idle cops busting little kids for hate crimes.

The Brexit vote was a great victory for the British people; but it was only the first step on the long way back to sanity. And there are plenty of teachers and bureaucrats lying in wait to see that they don’t make it.

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