Playful Fox, Jealous Dog

Gee, that headline makes it sound like a kung-fu movie. Actually, it’s a fox playing in someone’s hard with a dog’s toy–while the poor dog, stuck indoors, has to watch. Do you get the impression that the fox knows the dog is there, and is rubbing it in?

Foxes are wild animals that adapt rather well to not-so-wild environments. I once saw a fox trotting up the sidewalk in my neighborhood. As soon as he saw me, he made himself scarce.

3 comments on “Playful Fox, Jealous Dog

  1. Now this one’s a keeper! My granddaughter will love this 🙂 That fox is having soooo much fun! And even the dog doesn’t seem to be protesting too much.

  2. I guess that is why they call them “foxie”. Where I was born and grew to my teens, I saw foxes all the time and they didn’t seem a bit afraid of me.
    Of course, I will small and I gave them room.

  3. Foxes have always fascinated me. They are singularly beautiful animals and the red fox has the most beautiful fur imaginable.

    In Russia, they selectively bred foxes, choosing only the most docile as breeding stock. Within eight generations they had a completely domestic animal which could live in a human’s home. Unfortunately, as the wildness was bred out, the beautiful coat went with it, and the coloration of this domesticated strain of foxes was similar to that of domestic dogs.

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