Start the Year: ‘Revive Us Again’

Happy New Year, everybody!

If there’s anything our country needs more than a revival of its Christian faith, I can’t imagine what it is. So let this be our first hymn of 2017.

Yes, I know I’ve posted it before. I am standing by to post my readers’ hymn requests.

If you enjoy the way Nathan and Lyle perform this hymn, you’ll find more at their website, .

2 comments on “Start the Year: ‘Revive Us Again’

  1. Revival is, as you say, sorely needed. Instead of social clubs, our churches need to be training schools for equipping the saints for the ripe harvest. We can socialize elsewhere, but spiritual training, is crucial for the times we are living in. Everybody knows something is wrong, but not many have the message to clear that up.

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