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Bigger than an elephant! Bigger than a man!

Okay, that’s the Baluchitherium, not my blog. But we did pass some big milestones here in 2016.

Thanks to you, the readers, we had 63,578 views this year–almost twice as many as last year’s total, and more than the previous two years put together. We also passed the 10,000 mark in comments.

Four times in 2016 we topped 6,000 views in a month. Our daily average was 174 views–almost twice the average for 2015.

Can this blog keep growing? Search me! All I do is write the stuff. Oh–and pick out cat videos, too.

My goal is to make this blog a small part of a great revival of faith and hope. For that it needs the Lord’s blessing and your active participation. I hope that didn’t sound too pretentious. Thing is, we should all be working for revival! We have an awful lot to revive from.

By the mercy of God we will not have to try to do it with Hillary Clinton sitting in the White House and spitting poison at us. The Lord has given us a leg up.

So let’s climb.

7 comments on “This Little Blog…

  1. Baluchitherium: that would be a good name for a blog. 🙂

    Bless you for having us Lee. As long as we remain centered on our Creator’s will, and seek Him first, we will not fail. The events of the last two months have been momentous. It’s an opportunity and, perhaps, a blessing. In any event, we can be thankful for the degree of freedom we enjoy and we should make the most of it.

    I see a true dichotomy forming. Some are turning to man made solutions, and that’s sad. But there is a groundswell of faith and love as people recognize the need for God’s help and await the restitution of all things.

    In my 60+ years I have never sensed so much spiritual awareness as people reject the failed philosophies of men, including manmade religious doctrines taught as commands from God. There is resistance: the ongoing tantrum from the humanist quarter. They will not prevail in the long run.

  2. You are right, UnKnowable, and Lee, your views are always appreciated. Your animal videos give us a moment or two for our souls to be refreshed, and the weightier matters give us things to ponder. The harvest fields are even more ripe that the days the Lord walked the earth, and His instruction to us was to pray that the Lord of the harvest send forth workers. This is one of my prayers as we move forward in time. We have the armor, we have our instructions, and now we need to employ them for the building of the Kingdom of our Lord and King. May His holy name be exalted as never before in our lives. Eternity is just over the hill.

    1. There’s an amazing thing happening, literally before our eyes. The restoration of Israel is a miracle: plain and simple. In the end, Israel will be attacked an the LORD, Yahweh Himself will fight on their behalf. Now the amazing part.

      The UN resolution passed a little over one week ago sets the stage for this attack. As Ezekiel 38 tells us, this will vindicate God’s name. If matters proceed in the direction that they seem to be going, the matter of God’s ruler ship will be settled for all the world to see, once and for all.

      I don’t know when this will happen, and it would be foolish to claim that I do, but the dominoes appear to be set up and matters could proceed quickly. The hardest part, at least for me, is waiting. As Lee points out, we have to occupy until the master’s return, and thus we do.

      Over the last year I’ve become an eager consumer of news, because amid the detritus and the late breaking news about the Kardashians, we are seeing events that appear to biblically significant. This is the first day of 2017, and I would never have imagined the events of 2016 ahead of time. What will things be like on the first day of 2018?

  3. Yes, and the Psalm 83 war sits at the doorstep, too. Which is first? I do not know, but both will happen, and I believe it will not be long. As you say, things are falling into place quickly. With one eye on the news and the other on the Scripture, it is obvious.

  4. Praise the Lord! May obama go out in a sandstorm. Personally, I like your blog just the way it is. If it got too big, you wouldn’t have the time to answer some of our comments – lol. I also like everyone who comments here – troll-free. Admittedly, you do preach to the choir now, but when you become Balutchitheriun, you may just get your revival. Congratulations, good luck, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. I don’t like to butt in when readers are conversing with each other–I think that’s cool.
      No fear of this little blog getting too big. It can’t; there’s only me to write it.

  5. I agree with Unknowable about the way 2016 had turned out. And, yes, I see the unfolding of prophetic Scriptures as well. More than once, I’ve turned and reread Ezekiel 38 in light of the daily news. And, Lee, I like this blog as you have it now. Some news items, some cute animal items, and so on. And often the comments are enlightening as well. Happy New Year! And hang on to your hat — 2017 is here!!!!

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