What’s Your Preferred Gender Pronoun?

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Think about this, good and hard. What if World War II had to be fought today, instead of 80 years ago? Fought with troops who had to wear “gender identity buttons” and who collapsed into fetal position if someone “misgendered” them by failing to use the correct newfangled pronoun printed on the gender ID button. How long do you think we’d last?

Yup–reel smart peple at Collidge have invented a lot of brand-new pronouns to cover the proliferation of “genders” they’ve invented. New York City recognizes 31 genders. No wonder people need buttons.

So what’s your preferred pronoun for the day? Remember, if you’re “gender fluid”–that’s like lighter fluid, only it serves no useful purpose–you can be a different gender from day to day, or even minute to minute.

Here’s my gender pronoun. Listen carefully, because I’m only gonna say it once.

You can spend the rest of the morning trying to figure out how to spell it.

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