Scottie vs. Raspberry (No, It’s Not a Court Case)

My father, when he was a boy, used to have a dog like this. He never mentioned whether Twigs could tolerate a Bronx cheer.

So here’s a little dog who definitely can’t stand that particular sound, but is too well-mannered to bite his owner’s face.

You do wonder what goes on in an animal’s mind.

4 comments on “Scottie vs. Raspberry (No, It’s Not a Court Case)

  1. I’ve noticed that when animals reach the limit if their instinctual knowledge they can act unpredictably. Sometimes they just freeze, other times they freak out.

    Living in the desert, cowboy hats are a practical reality during summer, not a fashion statement. My now departed Tom Cat would become frightened of me if I put on a cowboy hat. I could take it off and he’d warm up to me, but the second I put it back on he’d act as if I were a stranger, even if he had watched me put the hat on.

  2. that’s funny. reminds me of my older son, who as a baby was scared the first time I colored my hair a different color. I came out of the room, and the minute he saw me, he froze, his eyes got big, and he puckered up and began to cry. He might have thought I was a different person.

  3. Yeah, we do some dumb things sometimes. I guess I was more laid back,
    nothing like that bothered me, but as I said once before, I know I’m weird.

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