The Next Democrat Presidential Candidate

There’s a bit of a problem in the Democrat Party, looming up for 2020. When it comes to picking a candidate to run for president, most of the Democrat leadership is already so old, they’re picking fossils out of their navels.

But according to a highly unreliable but truly with-it source, the next Democrat presidential candidate will be Melissa Abscissa, an openly lesbian pardoned drug dealer who is now a professor of Feminist Music at Stunata University. The attached video shows a sample of her work. See how long you can listen to it!

“We are already working on a campaign slogan for her,” said a DNC spokescreature. “How does ‘Vote for Mel or Else Get Beaten Up by Organized Labor Personnel’ grab you?”

Funds for the campaign are being raised by staging concerts entirely devoted to Feminist Music.


5 comments on “The Next Democrat Presidential Candidate

  1. There seems to be no limit to how foolish some people will act. It absolutely astounds me that anyone could see any meaning in that.

    Overall, I have things pretty good in life. But I’ve been unfairly treated at times; although I never felt that howling, then yapping like a dog, was a good way to express that.

  2. Amazing that people would humiliate themselves to this degree. And I thought the nitwits on the Today show were as bad as it gets with all their talking, everybody on set, at the same time, then outside with all the screaming and yelling, bouncing, etc., but this group sounds like a pack of wild animals in the woods. Insanity reigns.

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