Dem Congressman Thinks Cops Are Pigs

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See that painting, the one with the big pig in a police uniform? A Democrat Congressman hung that in the Capitol Building–one of those big, fancy buildings in Washington that normal people have to pay for. I’d say a picture hung by a Congressman in the Capitol Building makes a pretty definite statement, wouldn’t you?

The cop-hating Congressman is a William Clay, D-Missouri. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, found the painting inordinately offensive, which it is, and took it down. Clay demanded the Capitol Police arrest Congressman Hunter and charge him with theft. But they can’t do that because Hunter gave the painting back to Clay right after he took it down ( ). “Theft” is–well, somebody comes into your back yard in the dead of night and makes off with your outboard motor, and you never see it again. They don’t give it back to you the next morning.

Well, we’re waiting for the Democrat Party to disavow Clay and his blatantly anti-police gesture.

But we’re not holding our breath, are we?

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    1. That’s OK, we don’t need to prosper, the Dems have it setup so that the rich will pay our way and all we have to do is collect govt assistance. 🙂

  1. More childish, dispicable behavior. When will they grow up? Maybe when the next world wide flood comes and sweeps them all away?

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