New Executive Order Aims to Get Feds Out of America’s K-12 Education

Well, we’ve gotta start somewhere. Maybe here.

President Donald Trump, in his new “Education Federalism Executive Order,” has directed the Secretary of Education to undertake a 300-day review of assorted “regulations and guidance for school districts” perpetrated by the Obama administration, and to “repeal or modify” measures that she deems “an overreach by the federal government,” according to The Washington Times (

That would include the “guidance” to schools to let the boys into the girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms–to name just one of many idiocies.

The purpose of the order is to restore control of their own school districts to states and local communities–control that has been increasingly usurped by the federal government. I don’t believe this can be done without defunding and abolishing both the federal and state departments of education and breaking the power of the Far Left teachers’ unions. A president does not have the ability to do that. But we praise President Trump for at least doing what he can. It may lead to better things.

The underlying problem is the statist ideology that permeates public education, and has done so since public education was invented. A hundred years ago, the teachers’ unions opposed the radical schemes of “educators” in high places. They don’t anymore.

Our government was designed by our country’s founders to serve us; but it has re-designed itself to rule us.

That’s what needs to be changed.

Pot, Yeah, Menthol, No!

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As funny as it is to read about, living in a New Jersey run by Democrats is not so funny to experience.

As they labor to get all their ducks in a row for the legalization of recreational marijuana, our geniuses in the legislature now set their eyes on banning menthol cigarettes (which at least have filters: joints don’t). They ignore any potential health effects of being stoned to the gills every day, while denouncing menthol cigarettes (

Critics say the ban will cause the state to lose some $80 million in cigarette tax revenues. Silly! Don’t you know the state never, never, never takes a hit? They’ll just raise the $80 million taxing something else–the hairs on your head, your windows: and hey, exhaling contributes to Global Warming, they could always have a breath tax.

And so the pro-choice crowd plans to take another choice away from adults.

I have never used pot myself. Have you ever had to endure the company of pot-heads? It’s boring! It’s worse than calisthenics.

So, never mind that unfunded pension crisis, our property taxes already being insupportably high, our wretched public schools, our state university becoming a parody of itself, MS13 setting up shop in all our major cities–hey, all that stuff can wait, we’re on a jihad against menthol!

Oh! I almost forgot one more potent argument for banning menthol cigarettes. The city of San Francisco has done it! And we want to be like San Francisco, don’t we?–where the sidewalks are heaped with… well, you know. And also we’d be the first state to ban menthol! We finally get to take the lead in something besides organized crime members per hundred residents.

Maybe after they ban menthol, they can get to work on that saltwater fishing license they’ve always dreamed of.

Dems: *Must* Have ‘Trans’ in the Military!

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So this is the Democrat Party that babbles about how it’s going to reach out to regular Americans who don’t belong to far-left wacko subcultures. They’re going to wage culture war for the high and noble cause of allowing “transgendered persons”–that is, intensely disturbed individuals who have had themselves mutilated so they can claim to belong to the opposite sex–serve in the armed forces, after President Donald Trump said they’d have to be kept out from now on (

Thank you, Mr. President. For eight years, with ol’ *Batteries Not Included in the White House, America’s armed forces were used as a laboratory for bizarre sociological experiments. Defending the American people by winning or deterring wars was at the bottom of the list. If we had ever had to go to war with a major power with a 21st-century military, we would have quickly been defeated. That’s what happens when you march your ROTC cadets around in ladies’ red shoes instead of training them how to be officers.

Meanwhile, Democrats assume the American people are solidly behind “transgender rights.” After all, a rally in San Francisco said so. Why, to be averse to “transgender” is “un-American”! And weren’t there at least 16 transgendered individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Well, if that’s the hill the Dems want to die on, I say help them do it.

Because “transgender” is an abomination and God will judge our age very, very harshly for it.

Lord, remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

NJ Dem: Hunt Republicans!

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So, you think Democrats aren’t serious about resorting to murder and insurrection to get their power back? Check this guy out–and what he’s been saying since one Democrat a few days ago shot up a group of Republican Congressmen.

This “strategist”–no one has elected him to anything–has Twitter thingies, #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen ( Yes, he really digs the hunting metaphor.

And it’s okay to kill your political opponents, says he, because “we are at war with selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people.” As opposed to selfish, foolish, and narcissistic rich people like Obama, Pelosi, Kerry, the Clintons, and a host of others. But then liberalism is all about projection, isn’t it?

If you didn’t see this coming, you haven’t been paying attention. If you don’t see where this is headed, it’s time you had an eye exam.

Nothing good can happen to America as long as the Democrat Party remains viable.

Dem Congressman Thinks Cops Are Pigs

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See that painting, the one with the big pig in a police uniform? A Democrat Congressman hung that in the Capitol Building–one of those big, fancy buildings in Washington that normal people have to pay for. I’d say a picture hung by a Congressman in the Capitol Building makes a pretty definite statement, wouldn’t you?

The cop-hating Congressman is a William Clay, D-Missouri. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, found the painting inordinately offensive, which it is, and took it down. Clay demanded the Capitol Police arrest Congressman Hunter and charge him with theft. But they can’t do that because Hunter gave the painting back to Clay right after he took it down ( ). “Theft” is–well, somebody comes into your back yard in the dead of night and makes off with your outboard motor, and you never see it again. They don’t give it back to you the next morning.

Well, we’re waiting for the Democrat Party to disavow Clay and his blatantly anti-police gesture.

But we’re not holding our breath, are we?