Another Dem Rocket Fizzles Out

Warning: Filth Alert! If you click the link provided below, if it works, you will encounter a lot of slimy, filthy material. Ordinarily I wouldn’t use it; but I think it’s important to report the ongoing corruption of our political system and our culture.

Democrats seem to have mastered the art of the fizzle. First their Great Recount fizzled out. Then their campaign to buffalo the Electoral College fizzled out. And now their latest rocket isn’t going to make it through the day. As I sit down to write about it, it has already fizzled out, practically on the launching pad.

So we suddenly had this fake news story, retailed by John McCain and other anti-Trumpers, about the president-elect engaging in a particularly disgusting activity which I will not type out ( ). It’s only 3:30 p.m. and this report has already been shown to be a hoax.

Has our nation’s political discourse truly come to this?

Of course it has–we’re talking about Democrats, here. They’ve run out of real stuff to throw at Trump, so now they’re throwing pathetic little missiles that started out as “fan fiction” on somebody’s blog. Trust our “intelligence community” to believe it! And trust Dems and other libs to keep on believing it, and incorporating it into their Why We Lost mythology.

Well, that’s enough said about that. Remember that these are the same people who pay collidge perfessers good money to teach that there’s no such thing as truth, there’s only “your truth” and “my truth” and their truth always wins.

No matter how ridiculous it is.

4 comments on “Another Dem Rocket Fizzles Out

  1. “Has our nation’s political discourse truly come to this?”

    This is a reflection of the deteriorated state of character in our society, nothing more, nothing less. Thoughts and actions that were unmentionable in the past are mainstream these days and projected into everything that happens. The people that come up with this garbage are, in fact, revealing their own values and projecting their own warped behavior onto others.

    The fact is, in spite of the immorality and degradation of our time, MANY people still have fairly decent values. The minority, the truly immoral and wanton element of society, would like to cast the impression that everyone is practicing deviant behavior, but that is simply a matter of trying to mask one’s own behavior by claiming it to be common.

    1. Liberalism is always, always, always an exercise in projection: what they accuse others of being, they are; what they accuse others of doing, they do.

  2. And they call the rest of us the “deplorables”? Unreal. I hate the belligerent attitudes they display, even in otherwise routine, ordinary
    situations…People who are in authority as well as actors in stupid commercials. The chip on the shoulder is truly getting sick and disgusting.

    1. From one deplorable to another–wear the badge proudly, remembering that none of these leftids could tell the truth if her life depended on it: so getting bad-mouthed by a Clinton is high praise.

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