Still Freezing

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Ah, how quickly are our desires cut down to size!

The boiler installation crew has knocked off for the day without finishing the job, so that’s another full day and night without heat. Please pray for my wife: this has not been good for her.

Never mind fame and fortune. I’ll settle for a reasonably warm toilet seat.

15 comments on “Still Freezing

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry, Lee. You and Patty are in my prayers. Is there a store nearby where you could get a small heater – or even a heating pad or hot water bottle? This is really unacceptable, and I believe the landlord Is required to provide heat in some fashion – either with portable heaters or hotel rooms.

    1. I’m with you regarding the cats, Lee. I refused to evacuate a number of times during hurricanes for that very reason. But at least we had a sturdy concrete home with hurricane shutters and plenty of supplies and a generator.

  2. On the plus side think about all the carbon emissions you are saving the planet! Seriously tho, hope they get it fixed soon. I know what its like to go without heat. I grew up in a house without any central air or heating. All we had is one of those old Dearborn gas heaters. That brings back some memories.

    1. The very people that would seek to ban A/C and central heating, because they don’t understand that it’s more than a luxury.

  3. So sorry to hear. We used space heaters here for a couple of days off and on while they replaced ours just before Christmas. They only took one day on the replacement but we had several mornings without much heat because it took a while to get it delivered. Blessings my brother.

    1. Thanks, Pastorpete. These guys worked till 3:30 and then just left, didn’t finish the job. And now I have to stop typing and go put some gloves on for a while.

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