How Smart is Your Cat?

Obviously this cat is not going to get at the contents of this can without hands, without a can opener. But he tries everything else, because it’s a can of cat food. Which makes for the question, How does he know that? Pick an answer.

a) He can read the label.

b) He knows from experience that yummy cat food comes out of just such a can as this.

c) The other cat told him.

2 comments on “How Smart is Your Cat?

  1. I have had cats that got excited when they saw a can of cat food, or even more when they saw a can of tuna or salmon. I guess they learn to recognize labels.

  2. That would be my guess. Not that they are capable of reading, but the overall appearance of the label might be recognizable to them. I know that my cat recognizes cat food when I bring it home in a sealed plastic bag.

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