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This is what our bathroom has been like since Tuesday morning.

The boiler boys knocked off at 3:00 this afternoon, which means another day and night without heat. It looked to me like they could have finished the job, if they’d kept at it–but no.

Well, they’d better finish it tomorrow because the weather’s supposed to get really cold again. It was in the fifties today, which was a big help: we could go outside to get warm. Tomorrow it’ll be back in the thirties, and tomorrow night, the twenties.

I pray this job gets done tomorrow.

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  1. I pray in agreement, Lee. The Word tells us where two or three agree, we will have the petition we make to HIM. With faith, we can agree and EXPECT the right result.

  2. Make that three in agreement. And I believe there are laws against not providing heat – especially to seniors and children. Your landlord is responsible for providing heat, whether it’s through overtime, portable heaters or motels. If it were me, I would be communicating with the landlord (in a civil manner, of course) rather than sitting passively by. I’ll just bet the landlord has heat.

    1. Of course I keep calling him, and he keeps thinking the workmen are going to be done that day–and I do think they should have finished today. It’s not the landlord’s fault if some stupid tenant keeps turning the heat on and off until the boiler breaks.

      But something will have to be done tomorrow. Three days and nights is enough, and the cold weather is coming back tomorrow.

  3. My gutter spout filled with ice and completely fell off the outside wall to the ground 3 days ago. I’ve called 6 “gutter/downspout” people, only one called back, made an appointment and didn’t show. Two said “we don’t install downspouts without replacing them with new ones.” Mine are as good as new – the metal rings that held them in place came out of the wall because of the weight of the ice. Maybe I should take an open truck to the border!!! Maybe it’s the word “work” in “work ethic” that people in the trades don’t like these days.

    I, again, pray that your words go from “brrrrr” and “sigh” to “hallelujah” very, very soon.

    1. You are so right about work ethic, or the near total lack thereof. Manage some fairly high tech and expensive equipment as part of my job and I’m always amazed by the fecklessness of the companies that do my maintenance. In far too many cases it’s easier to just do it myself than to hire it out at $120 per hour.

    2. I see your frustration, You could have had the boiler working 2 days ago if you had a license to do it wrong – lol. If you could be a fly on the basement wall, you might spy them re-doing the same things they didn’t do right the first time.

    3. Yes, my neighbor directly across the street, Randy, who spends his winters in Texas with his mother. He’s from a farm and there isn’t anything he can’t do. Sometimes on cool nights a few of us sit outside in front of a small fire he made from a paint can, after chopping scrap wood! I love chopping wood and feeding the fire – never did it before. AND IN THE BIG CITY – who’d have thunk it! He won’t be back until Feb-March. There are a few fine young people in the apartment across the street who work 2 jobs and do volunteer work as well, but don’t have the necessary skills – millennials. The rest of my neighbors are young professionals who wouldn’t think of doing anything for themselves or for their neighbors. There’s a policeman living up the street with his family who comes home after an unbelievably exhausting day and the doctor who shouldn’t get her hands dirty. We had a plumber, who moved. We had a builder, who moved. You are such a dear person, Lee Duigon! And therapeutic – lol.

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