Nope, No Heat Yet

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I was going to trim my beard, but I dassn’t–I need it between my face and the ice.

We still don’t have heat. The guys are back down there in the cellar today, they’re supposed to be hooking up the new boiler, but I don’t hear much going on. “Dealing cards and sipping coffee doesn’t make much noise,” Patty says.

We are blessed in that the weather has moderated–although for my part, I just can’t seem to get warm until I go to bed–but it won’t stay this warm much longer.  What in the Sam Hill are they doing down there? You’d think three or four guys who do it for a living ought to be able to install one cotton-pickin’ boiler.

Just now it’s warmer outside than it is in here, so I think I’ll go for a walk. Maybe that’ll warm me up.

7 comments on “Nope, No Heat Yet

  1. Drink Hot liquids all day, it’s more effective warming u than external heat source.


  2. Sorry to hear still no heat. That is really wearing on our bodies. Still praying. Seems like people are having trouble everywhere. I can’t get my
    car out to go for my Rx, and mail, son’s stove door blew out (glass), and step daughter in law stuck in snow in Oregon. Takes a lot of praying.

    1. My blood pressure has been climbing back up, and I think it’s from the stress of being cold all the time.
      You’re in my daily prayers, Erlene.

  3. I agree with that suggestion, Greg. If there is no heat today, there must be somewhere else you can go to warm up. Still praying.

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