Have Hooey, Will Travel

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Just when it seemed there was finally a job for recent college graduates… a job that even millenials could do…

It turns out to be a hoax.

“Demand Protest” raised some hackles this month by running ads offering to pay idiots $2,500 to be anti-Trump protesters. A lot of people who checked out the “Demand Protest” website were appalled. Here it is, for now: https://www.demandprotest.com/

They claim to be activating “millenials across the globe with seeded audiences… convincing scenes… When you need the appearance of outrage, we are able to deliver it…”

And April Fool on you. In January.

I admit it had me going. What was unbelievable about it? We’ve already seen Democrat operatives hiring goons to disrupt Trump rallies. We’ve already seen stacked opinion polls, and plenty of them. The profound mendacity of our public discourse is an established fact. We’re almost proud of it.

But it was a hoax. Snopes.com says so. Tucker Carlson says so. Reading the thing again, after I’d calmed down, says so. All that was missing was a centaur.

Way to go, whoever you are. You got me.

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  1. Now, the latest: Roger Stone poisoned with a chemical and very sick, but
    timely medical help seems to have rescued him… for now.

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