A Hymn for Inauguration Day

Turn the volume way, way up and give thanks to the Lord of Lords, who has given our country yet another chance–He doesn’t have to do that, you know! Anyway, this hymn, Gloria in Excelsis Deo (“Glory to God in the Highest”) by Saint-Saens, sung by Libera, seems to me greatly suitable to the occasion.

May the irresistible power and grace of God free us from the delusions that have led us so far astray for so long–free us, and lead us back to sanity.

And may God give us the courage and the wit to do our part: because, boys and girls, our country will not survive another Obama.


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  1. So very true. Our God is exceedingly compassionate. He does not give us what we deserve, but out of mercy, gives us blessings.

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