By Request, ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’

One of the most gorgeous pieces of music I know, sometimes I post it when it’s nowhere near Christmas: requested by Joshua, sung by the Libera boys’ choir, Gloria in Excelsis Deo, by Camille Saint-Saens. You don’t mind that the lyrics are in Latin, do you?

‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (Libera)

Usually I save this hymn for Christmas-time, but I had a desire for it yesterday–Gloria in Excelsis Deo, by Saint-Saens, sung by the Libera boys’ choir.

We’re open all day for hymn requests, by the way. Just leave a comment anywhere.

‘Gloria,’ One More Time

I usually save this hymn for Christmas-time, but something made me want it for today. Gloria in Excelsis Deo, “Glory to God in the highest,” sung by the boys’ choir, Libera: music by Saint-Saens. The words are in Latin, but if you listen, you can probably understand more than you might have expected.

Encore, ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’

They’ve still got the creche up, across the street at St. Francis’, so why not? Gloria in Excelsis Deo, composed by Saint-Saens, sung by the Libera Boys Choir–yeah, let’s turn it up. Let’s revel in it. “Glory to the most high God!”

Do you find you can understand the Latin lyrics when they’re displayed along with the music? I find it so. And I never studied Latin.

‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (St. Saens)

This gorgeous hymn, composed by St. Saens, sung here by Libera, is good for any time of the year. It’s like a clean wind from God, a mighty wind that blows away the darkness and the dirt. Turn up the volume!

As a sidelight, it was the basis for the theme music in the movie, Babe (the one about the pig)…  which, oddly enough, is the second time this week that Babe has come up in relation to Christmas.

A Hymn for Inauguration Day

Turn the volume way, way up and give thanks to the Lord of Lords, who has given our country yet another chance–He doesn’t have to do that, you know! Anyway, this hymn, Gloria in Excelsis Deo (“Glory to God in the Highest”) by Saint-Saens, sung by Libera, seems to me greatly suitable to the occasion.

May the irresistible power and grace of God free us from the delusions that have led us so far astray for so long–free us, and lead us back to sanity.

And may God give us the courage and the wit to do our part: because, boys and girls, our country will not survive another Obama.


Encore, ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’

I hope you don’t mind my posting this again–Gloria in Excelsis Deo, by Camille Saint Saens. I love it! And I heartily recommend turning up the volume for it, too–let ‘er rip! “Glory to God in the highest” is what the Latin means. Amen!

‘Glory to God in the Highest’

This, of course, is an encore performance of Camille Saint Saens’ Gloria in Excelsis Deo. I recommend you turn the volume way, way up!

Bonus Hymn, ‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’

I have long loved this melody by Camille Saint-Saens, from his Organ Symphony. It crops up here and there, in unexpected places–like, for instance, as the theme music for the movie, Babe (yeah, the one about the pig: “If I had words, I’d make a day for you…”).

I just knew there had to be a hymn that went with this music. And today I sought, and today I found.

Turn the volume up for this one! It’s in Latin–but you don’t need to be Thomas Aquinas to know that Gloria in excelsis Deo, et in terra pacem hominibus means “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace to men.”

Can you give me Hallelujah?