Be Not Affrighted

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I’ve encountered some uneasiness today about the big “women’s marches” in Washington D.C. and elsewhere ( ). They did have large turnouts, evidence that these events were planned and organized well in advance–and probably paid for, too. And some of us saw this sea of angry feminists and understandably were shaken by it.

Well, don’t be.

For one thing, more than anything else, this was a march for abortion. That’s not a cause that’s going to win over anyone but other feminists, nor appeal to anyone but them and already-ironbound liberals.

Look, if ugliness, meanness, and threats could win the day, there’s no way Democrats lose the election. But they did lose, in spite of all the dirty tricks they pulled, in spite of all the threats, the rent-a-mobs, and the spectacular amount of money that they spent. They had all the nooze media behind them, too, and all the academic establishment.

And they lost.

This is our historic opportunity to crush and bury liberalism in this country. We do not have to turn into 50 Californias. The American people won the election in spite of everything the Left could do: and now we have to build on it.

I don’t care how many feminists they can put on the street, and neither should you.

6 comments on “Be Not Affrighted

    1. It’s really just a feminists-for-abortion march, and it must’ve cost a bundle to organize.
      Let them throw away their money on the same old stupid tactics that didn’t work in 2016 and won’t work now.

    2. And all they really want is to continue their sacrifices to Moloch – but they want us to pay for them.

  1. Thank you. Sometimes I don’t know how to get through a day of keeping abreast of the real news and videos without these articles of yours. Catharsis.

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