Yes, Dems Are the Evil Party

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We call it a baby. Democrats call it “pretend life.”

Someday we might come to understand the Democrat Party’s animus toward unborn babies. But that day has not yet come.

This Wednesday the South Carolina Legislature overwhelmingly passed a “heartbeat bill,” making it unlawful to abort a baby after his or her heart starts beating. On Thursday the governor signed it.

Democrats opposed the bill and walked out on the debate, calling any baby in the womb “pretend life” ( They said “science says” the pre-born baby is not alive. Not human.

Dare we call this anything but evil? If these people are not evil, then what are they? This goes far beyond just being wrong.

May God have mercy on us and strip them of their power. Forever.

Abortion at All Costs

Blessing' abortion clinics won't help women

All aboard the Hell-bound train!

Democrats love abortion and will do just about anything to keep the abortion industry in business even while everything else shuts down. Why this should be, who knows? I think it’s just because they’re so profoundly evil.

And so in Pennsylvania a bill to expand telemedicine–providing health care at home to persons who, because of The Great Quarantine, can’t go to the doctor’s office–has been vetoed by the state’s Democrat governor–

–because it “excluded access” to “at-home, drug-induced abortions” (

What? No DIY abortions? Well, then, no health care for anybody! Give me abortion or give me death! (Uh… wait a minute…) It’s either health care with abortions or no health care at all!

I don’t see how assassinating a baby is any kind of “health care,” but that probably makes me Anti-Science or something.

What a dismal reflection on our country, that we still have Democrats in public office. They’re gutting the economy, threatening citizens with jail if they disobey the mayor or the governor, and no matter what else happens, they keep the abortion mills going. That is a special kind of loathsomeness–and we have let these people put their boot-heels on our throats.

Shame, shame, shame on us.

‘Loopy Lib: Use Baby Parts for Dog Food’ (2015)

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We were shocked this year to see Democrats go full-throttle for late-term abortion–killing babies even as they’re being born. But heck–four years ago, Geraldo Rivera wanted to use babies for dog food.

Loopy Lib: Use Baby Parts for Dog Food

There’s something about the intense self-hatred of liberals that always wants to consume everything and everyone else around them. Of course, Geraldo defended his extravagant remarks, saying “That’s how science gets done.”

Maybe he’d like to bring back the Aztec religion.

‘Can We Sink Any Lower Than This?’ (2015)

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Clap your hands and cheer for abortion!

Don’t ever let a Democrat get away with denying that his party loves abortion. Killing babies is a sacrament of leftism.

Can We Sink Any Lower Than This?

It’s only recently that the mask has slid off, as states under Democrat control, one by one, attempt to institute “live birth abortion,” a progressive euphemism for premeditated murder.

Here’s how it works. Bent politicians grant Planned Parenthood half a billion dollars of taxpayers’ money every year. Then, when some abortion-happy reprobate runs for governor anywhere, Planned Parenthood contributes a piece of that money to his campaign. This is why Congress won’t defund Planned Parenthood.

This is a moral and spiritual pollution of our nation.

‘Hail Who? Do They Know What They’re Saying?’ (2013)

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It’s Supreme Court appointment time, which means that once again its time for leftids to defend abortion “rights.” Abortion is their sacrament, you see.

Don’t believe me?

In 2013, at a rally in Houston, abortion zealots chanted “Hail, Satan!” I offer this re-post as a reminded of what we’re up again.

Hey, they said it, not me.

My Newswithviews Column, April 5 (‘We Need a Disney Princess Who’ll Go Jump in a Lake’)

Somehow even just contemplating Disney princesses makes me feel like I have to carry a lot of real heavy stuff up a long flight of stairs on a very hot day.

Does it seem to you, as it seems to me, that leftid loons are getting bolder about telling us who they really are? What makes them confident enough to do that?

The Hypocrisy is Deafening

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I have remembered to write my Newswithviews column this week, and am researching it this morning.

In the course of my research, I had occasion to visit the American Civil Liberties Union website (

There we are exhorted to “become a freedom fighter… Take a stand for what you believe in.”

Oh, wait, hold it. You’re also urged to “push back against xenophobia” and “fight relentless attacks on reproductive freedom.” “Xenophobia” is the forbidden desire to preserve one’s country as one’s country and not melt it down, through unrestricted illegal immigration, into a multicultural puddle of failure. And “reproductive freedom” is abortion.

So, do they want you to “take a stand for what you believe in,” if what you believe in is protecting unborn babies from the abortionist, or securing America’s borders? No, no, no–“Not if you believe in that stuff!”

Probably the ACLU slogan should read, “You take a stand for what I believe in, or else!” We’ll sue you, man, we’ll shut you up, we’ll shut you down. They want to “defend free speech and the right to protest”; but we are at liberty to disbelieve them.

Be Not Affrighted

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I’ve encountered some uneasiness today about the big “women’s marches” in Washington D.C. and elsewhere ( ). They did have large turnouts, evidence that these events were planned and organized well in advance–and probably paid for, too. And some of us saw this sea of angry feminists and understandably were shaken by it.

Well, don’t be.

For one thing, more than anything else, this was a march for abortion. That’s not a cause that’s going to win over anyone but other feminists, nor appeal to anyone but them and already-ironbound liberals.

Look, if ugliness, meanness, and threats could win the day, there’s no way Democrats lose the election. But they did lose, in spite of all the dirty tricks they pulled, in spite of all the threats, the rent-a-mobs, and the spectacular amount of money that they spent. They had all the nooze media behind them, too, and all the academic establishment.

And they lost.

This is our historic opportunity to crush and bury liberalism in this country. We do not have to turn into 50 Californias. The American people won the election in spite of everything the Left could do: and now we have to build on it.

I don’t care how many feminists they can put on the street, and neither should you.