Us Interllecturals we Has too Got loggic!

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Today i “was” tellin some stopid Trump guy to jist Shut Up becose “thare” istnt no sutch thing As truth Expecally his stopid bible and he sayed Yeh if “that is so then iff yiu says Nothing Is True then that” saying “it Cant be True neether!”

Wel how can yiu ansser that stopid saying?? Wel of corse i “knowed jist” how to ansser it becose i Am a Interllectural and i sayed “ha-ha Yiu are a Knotsy!” Yiu are aslo “a” biggit And a hatter!!! that shuld have Fixed him but he too stopid to “undderstand” It so then i puntched Him in the noze!! He shuld of Thancked me for that But insted he was eeating a Pye and he shuvved it Rihght in my Face!! and then He puled One “of” my Moth Antenners and OWWW that hurted jist so bad i culdnt Stand it!!!

Neferthless i winned the Argyment by crying becose it hurted a lot and than I runned off to do Play-Doh and lets Jist see him “ansser” that!!! I jist Dare him to treye to come “into mhy” Safe Space!!! But dammit!! that Antenner it Is looose now and al Flopped over!!! so later i wil tel the Humin Rihghts thing abuot what he Done and thay wil Kicke him Out of Collidge!!! he wil Not “be” abel to ague aginst That Loggic!!

3 comments on “Us Interllecturals we Has too Got loggic!

  1. Yeah, you really got ’em that time, didn’t you smarty? Every time you open your mouth, you display your level of smarts. May both of your antennas
    fall off, then maybe you can begin to “think” again. (I doubt it, though)

  2. Joe baby, I actually feel sorry for you this time. I can’t even imagine the pain of a broken moth antenna. You need a good meal and some rest. Go buy yourself the tastiest looking handkerchief you can find and have them put it on my bill. 🙂

  3. I can’t wait til Joe’s safe spaces start closing in on him, due to collidge funding being cut off and all that. What ever will he do then?

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