Miscellaneous Wacky C

Here’s further proof that we will never figure out cats. Like, why do they insist on jamming themselves into uncomfortably small containers? Are they trying to discover what it feels like to be a pickle in a jar?

Meanwhile, my computer has inexplicably decided not to paste any more still images. I have no idea why a procedure I have followed literally thousands of times suddenly will not work.

One comment on “Miscellaneous Wacky C”

  1. They must have a sense of humor. I love the play attack on the cat with his head in a bag.

    I must comment on the music. The first song was Surf, probably of recent composition. While I’m not big on Rock, I love the Surf Rock of the early sixties. This was some of the first music I learned as a beginning guitar student and I still play many of those songs to this day. It’s great to hear that it’s still played and recognized.

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