What’s Wrong With This Computer Now?

Today, for no reason I can even guess at, this computer has stopped allowing me to copy and paste images. It lets me copy and paste videos. It lets me copy an image from the Internet and paste it into a Word document. But it will not let me copy an image and paste it to a blog post.

This is a procedure I have done literally thousands of times, and suddenly it doesn’t work. As you  can see, there is no freakin’ picture here! And all of the “how to” videos merely demonstrate what I was already doing but which now doesn’t work.


Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Start with a full reboot. It sounds like a simple cop out, but a full restart reinitializes all of the multitude programs that comprise the operating system of your computer.

    That would be step one. If it persists, are you getting any error messages or popup windows when the paste fails. Probably not, but if you are getting any error notification that can help. Of course it would be hard to show the error message, ’cause you can’t cut & paste.

    One other thing to try is curing and pasting text, or cutting and pasting a picture in your word processor. If these functions work, that would point away from your PC and probably point you towards WordPress tech support.

    1. Well, I tried restarting this accursed machine, but nothing happened. I am not sure what a full reboot is. My wife knows, but she’s sleeping. Now I guess I’ll try banging my head against the wall and seeing if that helps.

    2. A reboot, as opposed to putting it in sleep mode. If you rebooted, that pretty much eliminates a stalled process as the cause. The next step is to try some copy/paste operations in another program, your word processor, for instance.

    3. I did try that. The first time, I was able to paste a picture onto a Word page. The second time I tried, I couldn’t do that, either. *sigh* At this rate, by the time tomorrow comes, I’ll be out of business altogether.

    4. If you’re not able to paste into Word their could be a problem with your PC, although I’d keep experimenting with every possible permutation of cutting and pasting to see if I could detect a pattern.

      You might take a look at this, as well. The first one has a video:


      Here’s another.


      One way or another, we’ll get you through this.

  2. Lee, instead of banging your head on the wall, how about giving the computer “a sound bossing” – a line I once heard in an old English army flick. That way you’ll save your head for other uses like being able to continue your interesting blog posts. Nice of you to wait until your wife awakens.

    1. That’s the way to look at it.

      I do almost all of my own mechanical work, but a month ago I paid someone $400 labor to replace the struts in my sports car. He had the lift, the special tools and direct experience. He made quick work of it while I watched.

      It could be a browser plug in, or perhaps some other issue specific to WordPress. Either way, it can be dealt with easily by a good tech. If this was at my workplace, I would put 10-30 minutes into it, and then just reimage the PC. Unfortunately, that’s not so easy to do on a home PC.

    2. Part of my problem is that I don’t speak computer lingo and can’t understand what I read. I’m okay with the prepositions, but beyond that, I tend to get lost before I’m finished reading the opening sentence.

    3. When it comes to Windows, I am somewhat similarly challenged. I work with it, as part of my job, but Windows itself has become so complex that no single person can understand it. Microsoft’s tech support can help, IF you happen to get the right person on the line. If not, you will end up with band-aids.

      I prefer to work with a Cisco routers, switches, etc. they tend to be much more straightforward.

    4. The software companies are now making their products unbelievable complex, in the name of features. I believe that complexity is the enemy. A Toyota Camry tends to be more reliable than a Bentley, mostly because it is far less complicated. Windows has features that are used by a tiny fraction of the user base, but they add complexity and therefore increase the number of things that can go wrong. Windows XP had significant security limitations by virtue of its architecture, but it sure worked beautifully. Windows 7 is pretty good, but what I’ve seen since is horrid.

      Keep in mind that I also work with Windows server software, which is much more expensive, but has far fewer gimmicks, which makes it at least useable, as opposed to the consumer versions of Windows, which seeks to wrest all control from the user and funnel you into Microsoft’s cloud services. IMO, they should have been broken up in the ’90s.

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