Has-Been Calls Trump a Nazi

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If you sat there and watched the SAG Awards show last night, shame on you.

Lili Tomlin, who’s been pretty much sagging herself since Laugh-In went off the air, used her SAG appearance as an opportunity to liken President Donald Trump to “the Nazis.” ( http://variety.com/2017/tv/awards/lily-tomlin-donald-trump-nazis-nazi-germany-1201972871/ ) I wonder if she even knows what a Nazi is, or was.

As Democrats and other libs throughout the land ponder “how to talk to regular Americans” that they actually despise, Silly Lili is looking forward to the next demonstration and what sign she ought to carry: “What sign I should make for the next march: Global Warming, Standing Rock, LGBT issues, immigration–there are so many things.”

Uh-huh. So many things that “regular Americans” really, truly want, even if we’re just too stupid to know we want them. When Democrats talk to us, I guess they’ll explain that. Prepare to be instructed.

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  1. It amazes me, the degree to which entertainers are convinced that the rest of us value their opinions. As a rule, entertainers are creative by nature and some, but not all, of them seem to identify with the far left. Apparently we are all supposed to fall in line.

    A few years ago I read the autobiography of a famous learning man who played no nonsense characters, whom were tough and ready to stand up for what is right, even when that position was unpopular. In his book, however, he revealed himself to be a self absorbed, self-pitying soul with sentiments that lay far to the left of center. I probably own copies of ten of this guys movies and I can’t watch him anymore, knowing that he was a total hypocrite.

    1. James Garner. I loved his movies, but in his autobiography all he did was whine about how little money he made while paying his dues. BTW, he was making something on the order of 5x the average household income for SoCal, at the time. He had nothing but praise for Obama, however.

  2. I almost never watch secular movies any more, but if I did have any of his films, they would be in the trash right now. We have no time for such fools.
    There is plenty of truth available if we just look for it. but admittedly, we do have to look for it. Thanks for the heads up.

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