An Off-the-Wall Cat

By “off the wall,” I mean literally.

Our cat Buster used to jump as high as he could and launch himself off the wall as far as he could go. I wish I had that on video. This seems like a worthwhile thing for human beings to try. Just watch the cat, and do the same.

3 comments on “An Off-the-Wall Cat

  1. My theory is that cats actually can fly. I’ve never found another explanation for some of the things I’ve seen.

    What I find equally remarkable is how an otherwise peaceful cat can suddenly start acting like a wild animal. Every so often, my very docile little cat will make noises that sound like they are straight out of the realm of the wildest and most dangerous animals. She’ll walk around making very loud, very wild sounds, then stop as suddenly as she started. This is usually accompanied by some running and acting as if she was hunting wild game. If I call her name she’ll come right over to me and be her calm, composed, domestic self.

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