UK Doctors Forbidden to Call Mothers ‘Mothers’

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All right–this has gone quite far enough, and it has to stop.

The British Medical Assn. has decreed that physicians in the UK stop using the word “mother” to denote a mother, and no longer to use the term “expectant mothers,” but to say “pregnant people” instead ( ). These barbarities are to be inflicted on the English language so as to avoid giving offense to intensely disturbed individuals who call themselves “transgender.”

In a stupid pamphlet about “inclusive language in the workplace,” the BMA explained that ordinary words in use since time began are now unacceptable because they might “exclude” some “transgender man”–in plain English, a woman with a highly addled psychology–who might become pregnant and then feel bad because “he” can’t be a mother…

Just stop it.

This business comes straight from Satan’s bag of tricks and smells of fire and brimstone. “Male and female created He them” (Genesis 1:27) really throws the PC crowd: God’s created order deeply offends them.

If physicians in the United Kingdom had any self-respect, they would ignore the BMA and make a point of going out of their way to use the forbidden language as often as possible, even if they had to phone BMA bigwigs in the middle of the night just to say “mother-mother-mother-mother-mother!”

Defy political correctness!

Donald Trump has proved it can be done.

7 comments on “UK Doctors Forbidden to Call Mothers ‘Mothers’

  1. Reminds me of George Orwell’s 1984, where they actually removed words from the vocabulary. This is a dangerous ideology the West is playing with.

  2. I love it! We have been told we have to be “tolerant” of someone who tells us that they “identify” as being a woman (if born male) or a man (if born female) so we have to call them what they wish to be called. BUT, if I “identify” as being a MOTHER (which, by the way I actually AM), I can’t be called “Mother”? I think I need to sue somebody, somewhere, sometime…. (love your posts, Lee)

    1. Remember the foundational credo of the liberal worldview: “All statements are false.” Once that begins to make sense to you, I’m sure you’ll understand why no one should use words like “mother” or “father.” That you’ll also be ready for a rubber room hardly bears mentioning.

  3. This goes to mind control. If you can’t express your thoughts in the language you know, the language that actually expresses those thoughts, then you will change your thoughts to the language that is forced on you. This seems to be satan’s busiest season in my lifetime.

    1. Thanks. And thank you for your replies. I enjoy reading them and your comments as well. This is the only website where I can say, when it comes to the comments, that I LIKE EVERYBODY HERE – lol.

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