You Can Be Replaced by a Vending Machine

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Remember to be careful what you wish for: in this case, the $15/hour minimum wage so dear to Democrats.

There is now a vending machine called a “Big Mac ATM” at a Boston McDonald’s stand on Kenmore Square. ( )   That would be the logical place for it: Kenmore Square used to have a reputation for attracting several kinds of loopiness. Anyhow, you can now get your Big Mac straight from a vending machine.

This does away with any need to pay anybody $15 an hour to serve up burgers.

And you can say “Adios” to a whole lot of starter jobs for young people.

Here in New Jersey they’re always trying to put in a $15/hr minimum wage. Politicians–especially Democrat politicians–really get off on giving people money that isn’t theirs to give. It makes them feel generous. If the end result is to drive up prices and burn up jobs–well, hey, we’re used to getting boned by our elected representatives. Next thing you know, Republicans are doing it, too.

Here’s hoping and praying our new president can tame that beast. Because we may be running out of opportunities to do it.

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