Making Your Own Fun

Cats don’t need uniforms, sponsors, scoreboards, people in the stands cheering, none of that stuff. Watch this cat playing.

Our cat, Robbie, likes to chase herself up and down the stairs and all around the living room, growling fiercely. I’d give a lot to know what she’s imagining.

4 comments on “Making Your Own Fun

  1. LOL! I was relieved to see it was a cat video, Lee. Apparently I need new glasses – at first glance, I thought you were giving us instructions on building a fan! 🙂

  2. But just thing how much happier they would be with uniforms, sponsors, scoreboards, people in the stands cheering . . . 🙂

    Actually, when I think about it, all those things would make the cat’s game a lot less fun. Maybe that’s what wrong with pro sports: it isn’t actually fun anymore.

    The imagination of cats always astounds me. They seem to be able to make fun for themselves and enjoy themselves at will. My little cat certainly does.

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