Global Warming Alert: Hell Freezing Over

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While our honest-as-the-day-is-long government “climate scientists” were reporting “record high temperatures” from places where they have no thermometers set up, one of the really hottest places in the world, the United Arab Emirates, yesterday got socked with a severe snowstorm ( ).

That’s because it was cold. But check out the video included in The Express’ report. It looks like Canada. On the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, NASA and NOAA continue their Climate Change jihad with fake temperature readings from Central Africa ( ),  where in fact they have no data at all.

And correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Equatorial Africa, like, supposed to be kind of hot?

We need to save the planet from the people who say they’re trying to save the planet.

10 comments on “Global Warming Alert: Hell Freezing Over

  1. These hot air warmists have an answer to cold weather too – it’s caused by climate change. Gee, so climate changes… Unfortunately, these people “we need to save the planet from”, don’t know the difference between climate and weather. Worse, they don’t even care. As long as they can speak freely on fakestream media while restricting the rest of us from speaking “freely” on anywhere about anything, their game is on,

  2. You said it, Lee and Marlene. Sometimes, I wonder if the people in Noah’s day were into this idiocy. If they were, bet they got the surprise of their lives when the water came from both directions.

    1. LOL. They would have been “into this idiocy” if they had a mainstream media at the time.

    1. Imagine the backlash when people realize that they’ve been had. Someday, probably soon, what is low will be put on high and what is on high will be brought low. What will be the fate of the oligarchs when that happens?

    2. They’ll try, but I think their credibility is gone for good, at this point.

      In the last few months, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people taking note of what is going on and refusing to go along with the crowd. Everywhere I go, I find myself talking to people that are not interested in the mainstream opinion and are forging their own path. I sense a greater level of spiritual awareness being expressed by average people. The liberals are more mouthy than ever, but they seem to be losing the battle for the hearts of mainstream people.

  3. And normal people are getting fed up with this nonsense and want to go about their business without the burdens of a new Dark Age based upon a mythology as false as any ever contrived through ages.

    Like I said, the backlash will be interesting.

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