Skip the Stupor Bowl

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What are they so intently watching? Well, it ain’t the Super Bowl! In fact, they’ve got a computer screen and they’re reading this blog. It’s not every blog that can count a Sphenacodon (lower left) among its audience.

Just a reminder that we will be open for business as usual tomorrow, we have tons of fun video archived, and guarantee no interruptions by Lady Gaga or any other half-baked celebrity.

Until tomorrow–ta-ta!

8 comments on “Skip the Stupor Bowl

  1. I look forward to tomorrow afternoon. I cannot stand ballgames of any kind and never think of wasting my time on bowls, either.

  2. “The STUPOR bowl” – Oh my gosh, I can’t stop laughing. Great word. Anyway, I don’t watch sports unless a close relative is playing, notwithstanding that I have no close relatives who play professional sports. Lucky me!

  3. Until tonight, I had never heard of a (copy & paste) Sphenacodon. I’m always learning new things here. Tomorrow involves fixing a power door locks on my Miata, but I’ll try to check in as time allows.

    Every gadget a car features is just another gadget which requires time and money to keep running. Gaining access to the door lock on a Miata involves removing the side glass window, the window track, and finally the lock itself. All of this to determine if it is broken ($160.00 part) or just fouled be a foreign object. Either way, I have to reinstall the glass before calling it a day.

  4. half-baked celebrity lol that’s well put. I’ll be passing on the Stupor Bowl myself. I plan to look at some trees for around six hours instead.

    Not kidding! I’m going hiking tomorrow.

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