Memory Lane: Windshield Wipers

Remember when you could just go into any auto parts store and buy windshield wiper blades when you needed them, and put them on yourself in a matter of minutes? Can’t do that anymore.

Anco Windshield Wipers had this series of ads featuring two guys doing a rather fine imitation of Laurel and Hardy. I wonder who they were. I never thought to ask for Anco wiper-blades by name, when I needed some–but then I’m sure Laurel and Hardy would’ve forgotten that, too.

Now I have to go to my mechanic and buy these modular things which he has to install with special tools. I am happy to report that he doesn’t have Laurel and Hardy working for him. No offense, guys–but after seeing you try to deliver a piano (in The Music Box), I don’t want you working on my brakes.

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