University Has Clothing Drive for Trannies

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Your tax and tuition dollars at work!

Marshall University, which proudly calls itself “West Virginia’s most LGBT-friendly university,” is currently having a clothing drive for transgender students ( ). They may be paying anywhere from $14,000 to $31,000 a year to go to school there–but dahling, it’s just such a hassle to have to shop for clothes! So now I can pick mine out of bins set up at the college’s LGBTQ+ Office and the Women’s Studies Dept.

The publicly-funded university has dedicated itself to fundamentally transforming America’s culture and eventually driving it into extinction.

You can help fend them off by a) not sending your sons and daughters to any of these idiocy factories that call themselves colleges and universities, and b) demanding of your elected representatives, again and again until they finally listen, to cut off all federal funds to these utterly counter-productive institutions.

We have too many colleges and universities, they’re too big, they cost too much, there are too many people in them learning too many useless and frivolous subjects when they ought to be working, and way too many lavishly-pensioned left-wing fools indoctrinating them.

Cut off the supply of students, cut off the public funds, and starve the beast!

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