You Still Think These People Aren’t Dangerous?

I’m not posting stuff like this because I like it, or am entertained by it. In fact, it makes me sick. But the Left is showing us who they are, and we need to pay attention. So listen to a few minutes of Tucker Carlson’s interview with this evil person who helped organize the recent Berkeley riots. They’ve got her on videotape leading a group assault on someone whom she had decided was a “fascist.” A “fascist” is anyone whose opinion differs from hers in any way, and she believes she is entitled to “shut them down… By Any Means Necessary,” the latter being the name of the little group of thugs which she calls a “movement.”

This woman is a public school teacher. Would you like your children to be educated by her?

Again, this must not be allowed anymore. Because she is going to kill somebody sooner or later.

These are the people represented by the Democrat Party in America.

They must never, never be allowed to take power ever again. And what power they have left must be taken away from them.

2 comments on “You Still Think These People Aren’t Dangerous?

  1. The Left loves to project their qualities onto others. A fascist is someone who uses force to suppress other people’s opinions. She needs to take a good long look in the mirror… if it doesn’t crack.

  2. I agree, these people have no legitimate right to even live in this country, since they have no respect for our way, our laws, Constitution or even common decency. We do not need them.

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