Good News? Dare We Hope?

Black Lives Matter thugs recently invited themselves into a “gentrified” neighborhood in Seattle and demanded that white people give up their homes. We have not heard of any residents agreeing to this.

Dr. Steve Turley’s video (above) asserts that all the race rioting and Antifa thuggery our country has experienced this year is creating a “massive surge in support for the re-election of Donald Trump”; and furthermore, this has always happened in the past under similar conditions. He predicts that historically solid Democrat counties nationwide are going to turn to Trump.

It’s part, he says, of a “collapse of secular globalism as our ruling political paradigm.”

He makes a strong argument, and we pray it’s true. He also promotes his new book, President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future. I pray that that’s true, too: secular globalism needs to be collapsed.

Meanwhile, all of us who are not socialists and left-wing crazies need to make absolutely sure we vote, all of us, in all our numbers: and not only vote, but encourage friends, family members, and neighbors to rally for the defeat of the Democrats’ radical and racist agenda.

We do not want to be the next Venezuela.

Some Justice (at least)

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One of the symptoms is crime…

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

A former aide to a Democrat U.S. senator has been sentenced to four years in prison for “mass doxxing of Republicans,” “the largest data breach in Senate history” (

“Doxxing” means the online broadcast of personal information for the purpose of intimidation–in this case, an effort to intimidate Republican senators from voting to confirm Judge Brett Kavanagh to the Supreme Court last year. The judge called it “a rather vicious offense.” For some inscrutable reason, the social media giants don’t ban it. At least, not when a leftid does it.

Jackson Cosko, who was an aide to Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH), will get four years in prison plus three years’ probation. His accomplice has been charged with tampering with evidence in a criminal case.

The judge cited a Democrat’s 2017 attempt to assassinate Republican members of Congress as they were enjoying a baseball practice. Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed.

Democrats have this idea that their political positions are so ineffably right that it’s permissible to terrorize anyone who disagrees with them: mobbing them on the street, chasing them out of restaurants–and using the social media to encourage more “activists” to do the same. This, said the judge, has to be stopped.

We applaud Republican senators for not giving in to this. Had Kavanagh’s appointment been defeated by such tactics, it would have set a precedent very dangerous to the survival of our constitutional republic.

Read Plutarch’s descriptions of the last days of the Roman Republic–gangs supporting rival politicians hunting each other through the streets as the rule of law dissolved in violence. The end result was the replacement of elected representatives by an emperor who had to be worshiped as a god–or else.

I think Democrats would like that–don’t you?

You Still Think These People Aren’t Dangerous?

I’m not posting stuff like this because I like it, or am entertained by it. In fact, it makes me sick. But the Left is showing us who they are, and we need to pay attention. So listen to a few minutes of Tucker Carlson’s interview with this evil person who helped organize the recent Berkeley riots. They’ve got her on videotape leading a group assault on someone whom she had decided was a “fascist.” A “fascist” is anyone whose opinion differs from hers in any way, and she believes she is entitled to “shut them down… By Any Means Necessary,” the latter being the name of the little group of thugs which she calls a “movement.”

This woman is a public school teacher. Would you like your children to be educated by her?

Again, this must not be allowed anymore. Because she is going to kill somebody sooner or later.

These are the people represented by the Democrat Party in America.

They must never, never be allowed to take power ever again. And what power they have left must be taken away from them.

Dems Gone Wild: GOP Office Fire-Bombed

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In Hillsborough, North Carolina, this weekend, the Orange County Republican headquarters was fire-bombed by–oh, take a wild guess!–and the building next door spray-painted with swastikas ( ). Guilt by adjacency?

This is par for the course for Democrats. In my own neighborhood during the last presidential election, organized labor consultants broke into Romney HQ and wrecked the equipment and beat up a woman who was there alone, breaking her arm. I don’t remember how many organized labor consultants it took to beat up this woman.

Police are looking for the Social Justice Warriors who fire-bombed the GOP office in Hillsborough, but won’t find them unless the perps brag about it on the social media–not an unlikely possibility.

If you are even thinking about doing anything to allow Hillary Clinton to win this election, please factor Democrat lawlessness into your calculations. You will be living with the result for at least the next four years.