Even a Cat Can Be Clumsy

We think of cats as the epitome of grace and balance, and so they are. But even a cat can take a prat fall now and then. Watch and see.

I had a friend who always managed to fall out of the boat and into the water. Any kind of boat–rowboat, canoe, sailboat, you name it–he’d fall out of it. I wish I had a nickel for every time I saw the water close over his expression of astonishment: you’d think he’d’ve gotten used to it after a while.

One comment on “Even a Cat Can Be Clumsy”

  1. I think I’ve figured it out: As I’ve said before, cats actually know how to fly . . . but there’s a Divinely implanted instinct that they should never fly when a human can see them (to keep us from jealousy). So they only fly for a few milliseconds, if they get into a bad situation, such as falling into a bathtub full of water . . . unless there’s a camera pointed at them, in which case they conceal their ability. 🙂

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