‘Christ Shall Have Dominion’

If you don’t already know this hymn, the first thing you’re going to think is, “Hey, that’s Onward, Christian Soldiers!” Actually it’s Christ Shall Have Dominion, but you’re right about one thing–the music is exactly the same. And that’s because the melody used in both hymns was composed by the same man–Arthur S. Sullivan, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame.

You might want to turn up the volume on this one. And pray: O Lord Our God, we long for the day when this your promise is fulfilled, and Christ reigns over all Creation!

12 comments on “‘Christ Shall Have Dominion’

    1. I don’t see this as a hymn endorsing the universalist heresy–otherwise I wouldn’t have posted it. It celebrates Christ’s eventual rule over all Creation.

    2. I think we ALL need to be punished for “missing the mark” (sinning), whether it be punishment directly from God Himself, punishment from men in authority, or even from our wives (yes, there is scripture for that too). But punished for all eternity? No. That’s ridiculous.
      — Ken

    3. True, universal salvation is not “orthodox” teaching, but would you rather believe the churches and its traditions — than Christ and God’s Word?

      That Christ gave his life “for the world” are not my words, but Christ’s (John 6:51; 12:47). He has promised to “draw all men” unto him (John 12:32). As for the Book of Revelation, it actually contains the BIGGEST proof of universal salvation of all. Believe it or not!

    4. Uh… Not. I’m pretty sure not.
      We can continue this tomorrow, maybe, after I’ve had some time to think about it. But as far as I can tell, I am believing God’s word.

    5. Yes, enough for today.
      But I’d be happy to continue this tomorrow if you’d like.
      God has graced me with proof of U.S. you will not find elsewhere.
      — Ken

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