Oops, Wrong House!

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Laurel and Hardy wrecked Jimmy Finlayson’s house in “Big Business”

A contractor in Fort Worth spent three days gutting a house, only to discover, after they’d finished, that it was the wrong one ( http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/fort-worth/article133378524.html ).

On top of that, the owners were just about ready to close a deal on selling the house. That’s gotta hurt.

Everyone involved is saying it was an honest mistake, no harm intended, and the contractor is expected to make it good with the owners. Which is more than Laurel and Hardy were prepared to do for Jimmy Finlayson, when they trashed his house in Big Business. To film this comedy short, Laurel and Hardy wrecked a real house. There is an urban legend that they wrecked the wrong house; but, as one commentator observed, the story is probably too good to be true.

The moral of the tale: the more power any mortal is given to make mistakes, the more mistakes he will make. Even if he means no harm. Something to keep in mind when you’re setting up a government agency.

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  1. I have a question, which I would love to ask the contractor. Did they enter 2736 Forest Park Blvd. using a key? If the key that fit the house at 2700 Forest Park Blvd. also fit house at 2736 Forest Park Blvd. then I can see how this happened, although that would require a staggering coincidence. If they had to break in, then they, perhaps, should have stopped and questioned their actions. I appreciate that the police are handling this as they are, but if they don’t make good it could end up as a criminal matter.

    Your moral point is well taken. If a contractor could spend three days gutting the wrong house, these fourth amendment violating police raids, which happen in seconds, could be tragic. Roughly a year ago two sheriffs deputies knocked at my door, asking for one of my neighbors by name. I pointed out that they were at the wrong house and one of the officers insisted that I show him an ID, which I refused to do, I shouldn’t have to present my ID just because a deputy sheriff knocks on my door. Eventually, I asked if they had a warrant and then they left.

    Give power to others and you can count on it being misused.

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