Sneaky Cats & Dogs

This video is a few minutes longer than usual, so if you’re scheduled for heart surgery, you might want to watch it later.

Look, if you’re gonna be a predator, you gotta be sneaky–right? Cats and dogs are predators, and the ones in this video are sneaky. Also exceedingly funny.

14 comments on “Sneaky Cats & Dogs

  1. The cat who stole the fish out of the freezer, after opening the door, has my vote! Very clever indeed. Not only could she open the door, but was selective in what she chose 🙂 Cats rule!

  2. Didja notice that most of the sneakin’ was being done by cats? I love it when they hide in a box or a cabinet and then spring out to ambush someone/something, unless I happen to be the ambushee. 🙂

    1. When I was a young girl, I had a cat who used to sneak attack my mom. There was a cubby above the door leading to our basement where he would hide. When my mom was walking by with a basket of laundry, he would pounce down on her head and laundry would go flying! 🙂

    2. They must st have a sense of humor. Those arracks are play-fighting, no claws, no teeth. Cats have to know that they’re playing a trick on the unwitting human they pounce upon.

    3. Indeed! You could almost see him laughing lol.

      He also turned himself into a cat shawl. He used to meet me at the school bus stop several blocks away after school, run up the front of me and lay across my shoulders for the ‘ride’ home 🙂

    4. There’s nothing quite so endearing as an affectionate cat. I’m being love on by my little cat, as I write. She’s rarel more than a foot or two away from me.

    5. I do so miss having cats around me. We’ve had our hands full and haven’t had a cat to curl up with in a few years. That’s particularly difficult for someone like me who’s had many cats surrounding me for so many years. I used to rescue stray and feral cats, bring them to the vet and then bring them home for keeps. There was a feral colony near me in South Florida that I used to bring food to every day too. Funny thing is – rescued cats are so grateful. . .until they become ‘spoiled’. Then they rule! lol

  3. My little cat had been dumped near my office. For a long time, I couldn’t get near her. Then, one fine day, she showed up with two kittens in tow, so I started leaving food for her. I had a pet almost instantly, but the kittens would have nothing to do with me. Eventually, the kittens were old enough to fend for themselves and I took her to be spayed and brought her home. That was nine years ago, and I’ve had the most devoted, affectionate pet imaginable ever since.

    1. Bless you for that, Unknowable. It’s a privilege indeed to care for God’s gifts to us.

      I’ve rescued several ‘mommies to be’, one of whom decided the best place to deliver was right in my lap! 🙂 What a wonderful blessing!

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