When a Cat Overdoes It

I loved my old slot car racing set; and I guess if we’d had a cat back then, he would’ve loved it, too.

WARNING: Some cats just don’t know when to stop! A wiser cat, of course, would soon have realized the little cars only go round and round the track, and would have easily intercepted one.

The cat in this video is enthusiastic, but not wise.

3 comments on “When a Cat Overdoes It

  1. Oh my goodness! Poor kitty! At first I thought the boy was picking her up to comfort her a little, but that idea very quickly changed – when I saw him also pick up the car. With everyone laughing, it appears as if he had every intention of putting the poor cat back up there!

  2. Quite a race. We once gave our grandson a train set, and we had a dog
    that pulled this stunt, but not on a table. The set was larger and on the floor. I think the dog did get a little dizzy, though. She stole a whole plate of cookies while everyone was in bed that night. Needed energy?

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