Sharing is Caring (Unless You’re a Cat)

Cats can bother each other just fine without any help from stupid humans–especially while they’re eating. Don’t be like some of the gavones in this video who bug their cats at mealtime.

I was going to suggest, “Yo, Steinmetz–you got two cats, serve them their food on two plates.” That’s what we do. Except our cats have developed this weird custom of changing plates two or three times during their dinner. No, they don’t move the plates. Eat off one for a minute, then drive your sister off the other one so you can eat off that one while she eats off the plate you just deserted. It’s very complicated–a cat thing, I guess.

6 comments on “Sharing is Caring (Unless You’re a Cat)

  1. I’ve had cats do that “change up” thing, too. I guess they think what the other cat has is better than what they have– or something. Who knows?

    1. Lol, Lee – I too always tried to make the portions equal. Mustn’t let one have more than another. That went for my children as well – even down to counting the exact number and color of jelly beans in each basket! Believe me, they know!

      Maybe these folks need a couple more kitty bowls 🙂

    1. Hiy its me Joe Collidge! How come yiu “got” viddio of My math “class” i dint see nobody With no camra! [Noise]

      Get out of here, Joe. Go find some nice jim sox to eat.

      Thanks, Marcia, that appalling video was just what I needed at bedtime. BTW, I couldn’t find any place to comment when I visited your blog tonight, so here will have to do.

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