Atheists Are Just So Smart!

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Posted as a comment on the youtube page where I found Abide With Me is a message from someone who asserts, “Religgion is fuiction.” Must be a college English major.

They bill themselves as the brightest people in the world, and they can’t even spell. They smooch their reflections in the mirror–but look how mean-spirited they are. But then they always feel entitled to come into your living room and pee on your sofa.

No set of beliefs that attracts this caliber of people can possibly be true.

4 comments on “Atheists Are Just So Smart!

  1. Too much education can insulate you from utilizing too much common sense. Maybe atheists feel better about themselves because they aren’t burdened with the guilt that permeates religious doctrine. Sadly, I am not an atheist. But I am willing to learn!

    1. Be careful what you wish for.
      Guilt can be a blessing if it leads to repentance: and the reward of a sincere repentance are a better life, better actions, a settled conscience, better relationships with others, communion with the God who created you and loves you, an ongoing process of sanctification, salvation, and eternal life.
      God help anyone who’s without guilt.

  2. There’s guilt, and then there’s guilt. Guilt imposed by a religious body can be, and frequently is based upon human standards.

    God expects certain things of us and it is appropriate that we feel uncomfortable when we fall short. That sort of guilt is definitely beneficial.

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