Who Shall Have This Bed?

Boy, cats can put on the cool when they want to. You know they do it on purpose, just to exasperate naive puppies and naive human beings.

Would it be asking too much of the owner to provide a second bed?

2 comments on “Who Shall Have This Bed?

  1. That cat is definitely not having any part of the playfulness of that dog. There were moments there when it looked like the cat was going to give the pup’ a swat on the head, but then it held off.

    I’m a cat person, for the most part, although I love dogs too, but I sort of feel sorry for the puppy. It just wants to play and that cat looks like a great source of puppy entertainment, if only it would take note of the dog. Of course it won’t. If the cat was a mere kitten, they’d be rolling on the floor like a couple of TV wrestlers. 🙂

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