Kittens & Puppies: The Saga Continues!

Okay, there is no Icelandic saga dealing with kittens and puppies. But if there were, it’d look exactly like this video. Trust me, I’m an expert.

Fascinating False Fact: Genghis Khan was once chased up a tree by a kitten.

A Passel of Puppies

I don’t know: there’s something about puppies and ice cubes that never fails to make me smile. That much fun is just contagious!

Fascinating False Fact: A bulldog puppy named Tito once stole a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine.

Kittens & Puppies (‘Play Nice Together!)

What do you get when you mix kittens and puppies? A barrel of monkeys, maybe? Here we have proof of it.

That great music, in case you didn’t know, is In the Hall of the Mountain King by Edvard Grieg.

Puppy & Baby Tag-Team vs….. Sleep

I guess the puppy is supposed to watch over the sleeping baby; but sleepiness can be contagious. How long can the puppy keep up the unequal struggle?

P.S.–No horse aphids are present in this video.

Jolly Puppy, Jolly Toy

I can’t help it. I love squeaky toys, and love watching puppies play with them. This little guy is still learning that when you squeeze a squeaky toy, it squeaks–kind of the whole point of the thing.

Ramesses II had a squeaky toy. You could look it up.

Pup Has to Live and Learn

Remember the first time this happened to you? There you are with a nice sand castle, or a nice big hole in the sand, and along comes the ocean and ruins it.

Mr. Puppy discovers that he, like King Canute, can’t command the tide not to come in. All he can do is complain to his human.

Will This Cat Run Out of Milk?

It’s not unknown for a mother cat to adopt and raise puppies–but at the same time as her full litter of kittens? Isn’t that asking rather a lot?

It reminds me of a mouse I had, named Sleepy, who had an enormous litter of babies who simply refused to be weaned. They’d mob her and wind up carrying her around as they nursed her. She soon realized that the only thing she could do was jump on top of the water bottle, out of their reach, and chatter at them angrily.

This cat needs to do that, too.

Pups Who Guard the Baby

All right, let’s see if this post gets censored–just babies and puppies! What could be more harmless?

Puppies & Ice Cubes

Forget the expensive puppy toys. Nothing can entertain them better than an ice cube. It’s like giving a cat a paper bag.

It’s so hot today! Maybe that’s why I keep thinking about ice. If wonder if my cats would like an ice cube.

Puppies & Doorstops

I don’t know how well these spring-powered doorstops work at stopping doors, but they’re great for driving puppies wild. If I had puppies, I’d have a a couple of these. Who needs hi-tech dog toys?

I suspect cats like these, too, only there are no cats in this video.