They Call It Puppy Love

Here’s a cat who really loves her… puppies? How did she get puppies?

We love our domesticated animals. They do so many things that wild animals would never do. (Like, do lions or bears ever do zoomies? That’d be something to see…)

Pup, Meet Your Squeaky Toy

I’m a huge fan of squeaky toys. They indicate a preposterously high level of civilization.

Here’s a puppy with his very first squeaky toy. Doesn’t that make you want to hop and flop all over the living room, playing with your squeaky toy? I thought so!

Puppies and Slippers

Scientists (TM) say some puppies like to chew and play with slippers, and some don’t. The Science behind this is very interesting, although I can’t remember what it is. Was it something about Inclusion & Diversity? Find a Scientist and ask.

Furry Babes in the Woods

One toy, three puppies: can’t exactly share it, can they? So two of the pups will have to find something else to play with. Their choice turned out to be just the thing I would’ve chosen to play with. Y’know, guys, you might find a salamander under there…

Plotzing Puppies

A famous philosopher whose name I can’t remember once voiced a fear that puppies would take over the world. Well, sunshine, they’ve gotta wake up before they start on that. Sheesh, they fall asleep on a linoleum floor–no wonder he was scared of them.

Clumsy Puppies

These husky puppies are awfully cute, but they’ve got a ways to go before they can be trusted with pulling a sled or climbing the staircase in a lighthouse. They can’t go very far without a stumble. But then neither can some of our politicians.

We Call It Puppy Love

C’mon, you’ve gotta love puppies! (Even mud puppies? Well, all right…)

Watch the puppy who has a whole roomful of toys strewn all over the floor–but only wants the one he can’t reach. We know some people like that, don’t we?

Cat Succumbs to Puppies

These are terribly cute puppies! Alas, the cat doesn’t think so. Can’t hiss them away–they don’t understand what that means. And gee whiz, completely abandoning the bed to them–well, if you’re gonna do that, you might as well turn in your cat badge.

Pup & Bunny Show

Dog = Predator. Rabbit = Prey. But the puppy in this video doesn’t know that, and I don’t think the bunny’s gonna be the one to tell him. I don’t know how much bunnies like to play. Do they play at all? Information, please.

Cats Not Clobbering Puppies

It would be very easy for any of these cats to clobber pesky puppies. Why don’t they do it?

Oh, come on! Would you clobber a puppy who just wanted to play with you? Give the cats some credit for humanity.