We Call It Puppy Love

C’mon, you’ve gotta love puppies! (Even mud puppies? Well, all right…)

Watch the puppy who has a whole roomful of toys strewn all over the floor–but only wants the one he can’t reach. We know some people like that, don’t we?

Cat Succumbs to Puppies

These are terribly cute puppies! Alas, the cat doesn’t think so. Can’t hiss them away–they don’t understand what that means. And gee whiz, completely abandoning the bed to them–well, if you’re gonna do that, you might as well turn in your cat badge.

Pup & Bunny Show

Dog = Predator. Rabbit = Prey. But the puppy in this video doesn’t know that, and I don’t think the bunny’s gonna be the one to tell him. I don’t know how much bunnies like to play. Do they play at all? Information, please.

Cats Not Clobbering Puppies

It would be very easy for any of these cats to clobber pesky puppies. Why don’t they do it?

Oh, come on! Would you clobber a puppy who just wanted to play with you? Give the cats some credit for humanity.

Cuddle Buddies

I think I might’ve posted this once before, but what the heck. It’s been very stressful around here today (hot and sticky, too!), and I thought we needed something like this.

I never saw a white rabbit with such big dark eyes.

And maybe we just got a glimpse into paradise.

Pups & Babies

The first pet I ever had that was not a goldfish was a newt. He didn’t do well on the alleged “turtle food” they sold in the pet store.

My doctor says that babies who play with dogs or cats develop stronger immune systems than babies who don’t. I don’t think my poor little newt was up to that.

Puppy Studies Kittens

This is a good idea: get the dog used to your cat while he’s still a puppy. It seems to be working, don’t you think? Puppy must’ve already learned some good manners, for the mommy cat to be so tolerant of him.

So much for that hereditary enemies stuff.

Puppy vs. Vast Forces of Nature

The tide didn’t obey King Canute when he commanded it not to come in, and it won’t obey this puppy, either. You’re digging a nice hole and the ocean wants to wash it away. There’s a lesson in it: dig somewhere else.

Puppies Love These, Too

Nothing can exceed cats’ love for cardboard boxes; but it would be a mistake to think dogs and puppies are immune to boxes’ charm. Here’s video proof!

True, mud puppies don’t enjoy cardboard boxes. They are, after all, large salamanders that live mostly in the water. Don’t waste your spare cardboard boxes on them.

Puppy Love (With Cat)

We can’t help loving puppies, can we? But cats are made of sterner stuff.

Bear in mind that the cat in this video could have, at any time, just gotten up and left. He doesn’t have to tolerate the pup’s advances.

I think he secretly enjoys it.