Sock Puppies!

I never saw Pomeranian puppies till now. Gee, they look like animated pom-poms! But as you can see, they are totally fierce and if they ever did to you what they do to this sock… you’d wind up two feet taller.

It’s Not Easy, Being a Dog

No, it isn’t easy at all. You dig a nice hole in the sand, and some joker keeps pushing water at it. Whoever it is has no respect for your engineering efforts. “Come on out where I can bite you!”

Shame on the Cat

Who does this cat think she is–W.C. Fields? These adorable puppies want to make friends with her, cuddle up with her, and she wants no part of it. I would be mortified if my cat did that. So crabby!

Pups On Ice

Meanwhile, back on dry land, some puppies have a grand old time with a tubful of ice chips. See how easy it is to amuse your pets? Save the expensive stuff for later: you might need it.

A Puppy Who Thinks He’s a Kitten

I suspect this cat mommyed this puppy before her kittens came along. I’ve known cats who wouldn’t let a dog anywhere near their kittens; but we certainly don’t see that here. More like a brief glimpse into Heaven, I’d say.

Bunny & Puppy

I don’t generally run “shorts,” and I’m not going to make a habit of it; but I really liked this one. Ain’t domestication wonderful? This puppy might grow up with some odd ideas.

Puppies in the Grass

I understand: some of you don’t share my enthusiasm for lizards and frogs, etc. As a public service, I have here provided a brief puppy video.

If you don’t like puppies, either… Oh, come on! Who doesn’t like puppies?

They Call It Puppy Love

Here’s a cat who really loves her… puppies? How did she get puppies?

We love our domesticated animals. They do so many things that wild animals would never do. (Like, do lions or bears ever do zoomies? That’d be something to see…)

Pup, Meet Your Squeaky Toy

I’m a huge fan of squeaky toys. They indicate a preposterously high level of civilization.

Here’s a puppy with his very first squeaky toy. Doesn’t that make you want to hop and flop all over the living room, playing with your squeaky toy? I thought so!

Puppies and Slippers

Scientists (TM) say some puppies like to chew and play with slippers, and some don’t. The Science behind this is very interesting, although I can’t remember what it is. Was it something about Inclusion & Diversity? Find a Scientist and ask.