The Puppies’ Rebuttal

Demanding equal time, a spokesdog for puppies insists that they can stampede every bit as well as kittens, and offers this video as proof.

Can you count the puppies?

Yes, you have the count the one who doesn’t get it.

Ducklings Adopted (?) by Puppy

We’ve all seen a mother duck lead her ducklings to wherever she wants them to go. But here someone, somewhere, got their signals crossed and the ducklings have locked on to a puppy as their mother figure. Do they expect him to lead them to the water?

The pup exhibits some sheepdog-like herding moves. The ducklings follow him wherever he goes. He can’t get away from them.

Domestication is… weird.

And Now, Pinch-Hitting for Mama… the Cat

I kept trying to count the puppies, who kept moving around, so I don’t know–8? 10? That’s a mighty big litter. None of my pet mice ever had ten.

Then there’s this cat. She can’t tell us what’s on her mind, but it sure looks like she wants a turn with these puppies.

Well, everybody loves puppies…

A Pup with Zoom Power

This French bulldog puppy is named Ubi, possibly after the great Ubi-Wattakef XIX, king of what is now Switzerland but used to be something else.

Dog and cat zoomies–are these the product of imagination? I think they are. But what the dog or cat is imagining remains unknown.

Puppies Rebuked!

These two little characters won’t stop fighting. And puppy teeth are sharp! You could put your eye out.

Enter Mama Dog to lay down the law. You’ll be surprised by how effective she is.

A Disgruntled Puppy

I’ve never seen a puppy act up like this. None of my lizards ever did, either.

But wait–maybe there’s a reason for this foodophobia. Maybe this dry dog chow doesn’t taste good. Maybe the pup had been led to believe he’d be getting something else.

Puppy Annihilates Space Alien Creature

How’s he supposed to know it’s just a squeaky toy, and not some weird creature from another solar system? But that doesn’t hold him back from attacking the Unknown! This, my friends, is how civilization gets done. I guess.

Puppy Takes on Steep Challenge

Life is a series of adventures! Or so they say.

Here a cocker spaniel puppy is about to take on one of those adventures–a nice high flight of stairs. Will he make it? Or will he lose his cool and have a tumble? Watch and see.

Puppies in Dreamland

We are sure our dogs and cats dream. We watch them, asleep, go through the motions of life. Sometimes they add sound effects.

I never knew any of my lizards to dream, but I’ll bet my mice did. The jury’s still out on whether birds dream. If it turns out they don’t–is dreaming exclusively a mammal thing?

P.S.–I’ve just read about some French scientists who have concluded that, yes, lizards dream. But they were studying bearded lizards, which are about as close as you can come to being a mammal without being one.

Cats ‘n’ Puppies

We have to face facts. Cats are not always as happy-go-lucky as puppies. But you just can’t get any puppy to believe it.

That reminds me of a hilarious story of Genghis Khan’s boyhood; but I’d better save that for when a real crisis comes along.