A Blogger’s Reward

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If you read the comments made on this blog, you will have noticed that some of the readers have been led by the Holy Spirit into deep and fruitful conversations. You may have also noticed that I’ve been mostly staying out of those conversations.

That’s because they’re doing just fine without me, and I don’t want to distract them.

It humbles me that this little blog can serve as a venue for such fruitful interactions. Give God the glory for that! I had no idea He was ever going to use my work in such a way. I can only stand back and admire what He’s done–and keep on working.

He will always use us, if we let Him. And that is our reward.

8 comments on “A Blogger’s Reward

  1. When I first started commenting here a couple of years ago, I recall saying I would stop lest I go on a rant. You replied that you encourage your readers to rant. I’ve taken you up on that many times since then, kind sir. You provide a non-critical atmosphere for people to exchange ideas and have some great conversations. We, your loyal readers, appreciate you and your blog, Lee. Thank you.

  2. I too, enjoy this “discussion place” We can encourage one another and get away from the mainstream media that is so worthless.

  3. I agree with Linda and Erlene. I enjoy reading your blog posts and the comments left by others. I’ve noticed that a comment made often adds some insight and a different angle as well. I thank you for an interesting site and I do tell others to check it out.

  4. This is a unique place on the web, in my opinion. The rancor so common on many discussion sites is absent. Thank you, Lee, for giving us a place to meet.

  5. Oh, excuse me – I thought this was a social media site – lol. Thank you Lee Duigon and God bless you for the inspiration you provide.

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