‘Protesters’ Try to Shout Down Prayer by Yelling ‘Lucifer’

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Again, my purpose in posting dreck like this is to convince you never, never, never again to let Democrats hold power in this country. They are not like us.

At a recent town hall meeting in Louisiana, hosted by Sen. Bill Cassidy, Democrat “protesters”–God only knows what they were protesting; I doubt they knew–tried to shout down the prayer ( http://www.infowars.com/protesters-freak-out-yell-lucifer-after-gop-town-hall-opens-with-a-prayer/ ). When the name of Jesus Christ was spoken, the “protesters” yelled “Lucifer!”

See? Straight from their own mouths, exactly what we’ve been telling you.

They also booed the Pledge of Allegiance.

They must be utterly and finally defeated, and their Democrat Party put out of business forever, never to rise again.

6 comments on “‘Protesters’ Try to Shout Down Prayer by Yelling ‘Lucifer’

  1. On the surface, it’s just more liberal foolishness, but it’s really profound. They are literally calling out the their father, the Devil. They are revealing themselves, they are exposing the source of their philosophy. Luke 6:45 . . . “his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart.” These people are revealing something very important, not only about themselves, but about the causes they embrace.

  2. Will somebody tell these pathetic morons that they WILL get what they’re asking for because lucifer DOES intend to keep his end of the bargain?

    1. I thunk that comes under the category of “be careful what you wish for”. They think they are being clever invoking Lucifer, but they may find him less than charming once they get to know him. 🙂

    2. Ha – for sure they will get to know him, for all eternity. I just read a short synopsis of Sanballat violent protests and actions against Nehemiah who not only built his Wall, he did it while being faced with all types of dirty tricks being played against him from Sanballat, tricks exactly like the libtards are exacting on President Trump and his supporters, and in spite of waning support and increased fear from the Jews for whom he was building the Wall in order to protect them and according to God’s will. Many of us could stop reading all the news and read just the Bible and we would still know what’s going on in the world. Although I don’t always find what i’m looking for, I know that all the answers ARE in the Bible somewhere, and that gives much comfort.

    3. Satan uses tactics that work. The behavior of the far Left is nothing new, they are learning it from the same source that Nehemiah’s opposers learned from.

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