Starbuck’s Does It Again

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Some people just never learn. Of course, rich liberals are used to not having to experience any consequences when they screw up. So they keep on screwing up.

Remember when the grand poobah of Starbuck’s ordered all his employees to say “Let’s talk about racism” to any poor soul who came in to buy a cup of coffee? That policy wound up being smothered in laughter.

Well, Starbuck’s latest folly is an announcement that they’re gonna hire “10,000 Muslim refugees” to show Donald Trump who’s boss ( ). Yessir, that’ll learn ‘im. Who does he think he is, trying to prevent terrorist-exporting countries from getting a beachhead in America?

Consequences? “Perception levels of Starbuck’s brand fell by an incredible two thirds” since the January announcement, according to a poll. That means two thirds of the people who used to say they liked Starbuck’s now say they don’t like it.

I would lose all respect for myself if I paid Starbuck’s prices for a cup of coffee–but shame on me if I knowingly let a single one of my dimes go to support a left-wing enterprise.

Go ahead, Starbuck’s–nag us about Climate Change and transgender rights, too, while you’re at it. Your CEO will still be rich even if the company crashes. And then he can run for U.S. Senate as a Democrat, with a magnificent record of failure snatched from the jaws of success.

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  1. At one time, I was a regular customer of Starbucks, but I have taken my business elsewhere these days. The main reason is, that they have LITERALLY said that they don’t want my business, unless I support their liberal agenda. So I’m not boycotting them, I am complying with their STATED wish with regard to my status as a customer of their corporation.

    If I take their pronouncements literally, I am not welcome in their stores; so guess what? I don’t go there anymore. Now, multiply this times the thousands, even millions of Americans that are aware and that take THEM at their word and complied with the stated wishes of their CEO. It has to be hitting them in the cash register.

    The arrogance of the wicked is frequently their undoing.

  2. When Starbucks first hit it big a number of years ago, for some reason people thought that was a great gift – a gift card for Starbucks. The only option was to use it or lose it. Since those days, the people I know who gave those as gifts don’t do it anymore – most likely for the reasons you’ve mentioned, Lee. Personally, not only does it seem a bit too ‘yuppy’ for me (I’m an old country girl), but they’re also rather expensive. It’s coffee, not champagne laced with gold dust!

    Fortunately, it seems people are waking up – and not with Starbucks coffee lol. Hit ’em in their bottom line.

  3. They do act as if they were selling rare, vintage champagne. The pretentiousness of Starbuck’s is off scale, although the Apple Store manages to outdo them. Their foods are as calorie laden as any on earth. I don’t miss doing business with them.

    1. I never thought of trying their food items, but they did seem really caloric! I will admit that when I received a gift card, I did enjoy their white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Now that’s caloric lol

    2. Mmmmm! White chocolate mocha. 🙂

      I LOVE some of the things they have on their menu, but THEY have stated that they do not welcome customers that do not back their causes, so I can’t go there.

    3. Typical. They dictate what everyone should think. If you disagree, you’re undesirable. I just wonder how long it will take them to ‘undesire’ themselves out of business. The left is so far gone they can’t see how lost they really are. They can’t see their hypocrisy or their intolerance, which is what they accuse us of. It’s so convoluted that it leaves me shaking my head.

    4. In a parallel situation, according to what I read recently, Target has suffered greatly for the stand they have taken. If I were the parent or grandparent of a little girl, I wouldn’t dream of taking her to a store where she could be exposed to a strange situation in the ladies room. Apparently a lot of people are avoiding Target these days, and that’s fine by me.

      The Left seems to want to boycott anyone and anything with which they don’t agree, and that is their right. They probably should, if they feel so strongly. However, the consequences of their choices are there’s as well. If Starbucks doesn’t want customers that don’t support their leftist agenda; well, it’s their property and their right to do so. It’s not only my right, it is my duty not to violate their stated policies. So they have lost my revenue by dint of their stated policies. I suspect that they will not prosper in the future.

      I know I quote this a lot, but examples of it seem to come up all the time. In 2 Thess 2:11, it basically links a spirit of delusion to disobedience of God. If I’m understanding that correctly, they will continue in their stubborn course no matter what the cost. They are completely convinced that they ARE the moral high ground and they will suffer any and all consequences to prove their point.

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